Helltide events

Helltide events

(Comparable to Diablo 2 terror zones)

Slay foes to collect Aberrant Cinders and exchange them for Tortured Gifts

A big area randomly and periodically becomes corrupted (appears red on the map). New and more dangerous monsters, bosses and events will spawn there, including a very strong roaming boss named "Kixxarth The Forerunner" that usually requires a group to be defeated (or a very strong build, to be soloed).

Killing stuff there awards Aberrant Cinders, which will allow you to open chests (Tortured Gifts) scattered in the region, those chests give a specific legendary (the type of which is indicated on the chest) and a unique crafting material called "Fiend Rose", which is not found anywhere else, allowing you upgrade your gear to the highest rank.


  • Excluding the roaming boss "Kixxarth The Forerunner", the event is largely soloable and overall pretty easy if you have a half decent build, but it's more efficient to do in group. It may be moderately challenging early on at lower level or if your build isn't well optimized.


  • Fiend Rose (crafting material which allows you to upgrade your gear to the latest rank, can't be obtained anywhere else).
  • Targetted Legendary items (can target farm the type of item you need, since the chests tell you what type of item is offered).