World Tiers /4
tier name
World Tier 1
Recommended for:
Players who are new to Diablo or want a light challenge
Levels 1-50
Enemy Details:
Enemies are easy to defeat
World Tier 2
Recommended for:
Players who desire more challenge
Levels 1-50
Enemy Details:
Enemies are more challenging
Monsters give 50% increased Experience
Monsters drop 20% more Gold
Monsters drop more items
World Tier 3
Unlocked by completing the Campaign and Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon {icon:Marker_DungeonChallenge, 2.0} in Kyovashad, World Tier 2: Veteran.
Recommended for:
Levels 50-70
Sacred items and new Unique items can drop
Nightmare Sigils can drop that unseal Nightmare Dungeons
Champion monsters with damage resistance auras can appear
Enemy Details:
Enemies are more formidable
Monsters give 150% increased Experience
Monsters drop 20% more Gold
Your Resistances to All Elements are reduced by 25%
World Tier 4
Unlocked by completing the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon {icon:Marker_DungeonChallenge, 2.0} in northeastern Dry Steppes, World Tier 3: Nightmare.
Recommended for:
Levels 70+
Ancestral items can drop
Enemy Details:
Enemies are more fearsome
Monsters give 250% increased Experience
Monsters drop 20% more Gold
Your Resistances to All Elements are reduced by 50%
World /378
Hall of the Penitent
This light only draws darker shadows.
Malignant Burrow
Ichor weeps from a hole in the earth.
Hanged Man's Hall
You hear a faint sound: the hiss of chains on stone.
Gaping Crevasse
Fetid air billows from a ravine in the desert.
Glacial Fissure
An ancient cavern reopened by the shifting ice.
Ancient's Seat
Bats swarm this place, murmuring in time with the wind.
Cathedral of Light
Were you ever truly welcome here?
Fallen Temple
One of the Triune's most formidable temples.
Archives of Issalia
The dusty books watch as something wicked roams their halls.
Echo of Hatred
Lilith's presence still lingers within you.
Horadric Vault
A hall of magical study built upon ancient mage clan ruins.
Horadric Vault
A hall of magical study built upon ancient mage clan ruins.
Horadric Vault
A hall of magical study built upon ancient mage clan ruins.
Darkened Holt
An arcane mist shrouds these forested paths.
Condemned Mines
These unstable tunnels were shut down by the Cathedral.
Alabaster Monastery
Inarius meditates in the solitude of this holy place.
Icehowl Ruins
An unknown evil stirs within these abandoned halls.
Iceworn Cellar
Once home to the first humans, now overrun by demons.
Necropolis of the Firstborn
The first humans were laid to rest beyond the Black Lake.
Slithering Dark
The deep winding tunnels are home to Hawezar's serpents.
Temple of the Deathspeaker
A repository of knowledge on the cycle of life and death.
Hungering Swamp
A place of great occult power for the witches of Hawezar.
Foul Undercrypts
The sealed resting place of the Que-Hegan Sankekur.
Foul Undercrypts
The sealed resting place of the Que-Hegan Sankekur.
Cathedral of Hatred
Mephisto, Lord of Hatred, awaits in these bone-white halls.
The Exalted Terrace
A place of study where Elias shares Lilith's gifts.
Eldhaime Barracks
Astaroth's soulstone rests in the depths of Eldhaime Keep.
Donan's Study
A private office where Donan handles his many affairs.
Eldhaime Ruins
These overrun battlements should lead to the Great Hall.
Weeping Cairns
A silent resting place of Scosglen's deceased, now awoken.
Untamed Thicket
Nafain's corrupted blood pools within.
The blood-soaked streets where cannibals feed.
Offal Pits
These filthy caves hide a secret path into Guulrahn Palace.
Temple of The Primes
The seat of the Triune's power, hidden for millennia.
Veneration of Hated
A mysterious portal into the realm of Hatred.
Orbei Monastery Halls
An old Zakarum monastery where secret knowledge is hoarded.
Anica's Claim
Inhuman hands carved out these dark tunnels.
Black Asylum
An abandoned prison teeming with the wails of its inmates.
Caldera Gate
The demons in this icy cave are growing stronger.
Cultist Refuge
The last bastion of Nostrava’s cultists.
Dead Man's Dredge
The predators that dwell in this cave hunt human game.
Defiled Catacomb
Graverobbers warn against the temptations of this crypt.
Derelict Lodge
Once a hunting lodge, now ruled by demons.
Forbidden City
An ancient tomb lies open, its corruption spilling forth.
Forsaken Quarry
These once-barren mineshafts now harbor ghastly rituals.
Hallowed Ossuary
A tomb of martyrs, desecrated and made powerful again.
Hoarfrost Demise
An icy Goatman cave, littered with corpses and bones.
Immortal Emanation
A hunting ground, when prey is foolish enough to enter.
Kor Dragan Barracks
The honored halls have been left for the dead to wander.
Kor Valar Ramparts
A corrupted fortress concealing the sins of the Penitents.
Light's Watch
A Knights' keep, repurposed for bandits and other parasites.
Lost Archives
Many speculate what lies within, but few dare to venture on.
Bandits have claimed these woods and its monsters.
Mercy's Reach
This crumbling keep was once a way through the mountains.
Nostrava Deepwood
The undead roam among the trees.
Rimescar Cavern
A cave reclaimed by demons and sickened with their magic.
Tormented Ruins
It's been centuries since this watchtower saw mortal use.
Sanguine Chapel
A snowed in abandoned Zakarum church invaded by vampires.
Unmapped tunnels sprawl beneath the peaks.
Akkhan's Grasp
Evil and blood seep through the tomb's ruptured seals.
Ancient Reservoir
A tainted wellspring runs under these ruins.
Bastion of Faith
Lost and starving, the knights became beasts.
Belfry Zakara
The Zakarum built this Cathedral. It honors the sea, now.
Blind Burrows
The spiders here have acquired a taste for flesh.
Earthen Wound
The demons that dwelled here became a feast for cannibals.
Endless Gates
Unholy creatures run amok between realms.
Faceless Shrine
One of Hawezar’s less secretive cults. Sinners welcome.
Fetid Mausoleum
A forgotten tomb for the restless dead of Eridu.
Ghoa Ruins
Once a keep. The swamp reclaims all that mortal hands build.
Haunted Refuge
The old church sinks into the delta, drowning slowly.
Heathen's Keep
These Knights have sworn allegiance to a new leader.
Iron Hold
A scourge stirs within the bowels of a decaying prison.
Leviathan's Maw
Cultists lurk in these flooded ruins.
Light's Refuge
In a forgotten home lies a nest made of teeth and armor.
Lost Keep
Yet another rotting keep abandoned by the Cathedral.
Maugan's Works
A rotting hall for criminals and deserters.
The demons of Eriman's Pyre fled to this crumbling prison.
Ruins of Eridu
A once-mighty fortress consumed by the swamp.
Serpent's Lair
Once the seat of Mohlon's throne. They want another queen.
Shadowed Plunge
Snake Cultists sacrifice the innocent.
Steadfast Barracks
A nest of savage fanatics, drawn to evil long-buried.
Nangari cultists lure prey here with songs sung in dreams.
Abandoned Mineworks
A maze of tunnels, still walked by those who died here.
Collapsed Vault
In dead hands do these ancient treasures lie.
Tales of profane rituals grip the people with fear.
Corrupted Grotto
The forgotten dead languish under barren rock.
Crumbling Hekma
A hate-infested catacomb of the Zakarum faith.
Crusaders' Cathedral
Knights seized this temple and its undead warriors alike.
Deserted Underpass
A threat lurks in caves under the ruined Overlook.
Fading Echo
These ruins have become host to a growing army of demons.
Forgotten Ruins
Serpents infest the bones of these forbidden mage halls.
Hakan's Refuge
This one grand manor lies in ruins, festering with memories.
Halls of the Damned
Triune mages once pioneered strange magics here...
Heretics Asylum
A jail home to the corrupt and cruel.
We have carved into the rock to seek Hell.
Prison of Caldeum
Something wicked stirs in the prison.
Putrid Aquifer
Death taints the water.
Renegade's Retreat
Renegade knights reap the spoils of Inarius’ crusade.
Sepulcher of The Forsworn
Evil stirs below the altar of Baal.
Shivta Ruins
The corruption in Alcarnus has bled into these ruins.
Sirocco Caverns
A foul infestation has claimed these caverns.
Sunken Library
The dead guard secrets confined in the ancient vault.
Tomb of the Saints
This barren tomb was once fat with gold.
Uldur's Cave
A den of murderers and carrion feeders.
Yshari Sanctum
Cultists corrupt the ancient Sanctum.
Tomb of Hallows
Death is in the halls. Ancient and fresh. Dying and undying.
In this corrupted wood, blood runs like sap from the trees.
Broken Bulwark
Once part of Donan's estate, and razed with the rest.
Calibel's Mine
The bandits that took this mine are ignorant of its secrets.
Demon's Wake
The keep still burns in the wake of Lilith’s attack.
Domhainne Tunnels
Corbach residents hear the screams from the Khazra’s lair.
Ferals' Den
A lodge corrupted by the druids' hate.
Flooded Depths
More than the waters have made claim to these shipwrecks.
Garan Hold
A once mighty stronghold, doomed to burn.
An insatiable will drives these creatures to feed.
Howling Warren
A corrupted den of wolves and wargs, hungry for human flesh.
Jalal's Vigil
A forest, soured by the agony of its own protector.
Luban's Rest
A warrior and her followers have risen from their tombs.
Maddux Watch
This abandoned outpost treads atop the dead.
Mariner's Refuge
The Drowned lure shipwrecked sailors to the depths.
Khazra infest the ruined holdfast, ignorant of its curse.
Penitent Cairns
Glenfolk know to avoid grottoes the spirits hold sacred.
Raethwind Wilds
Too many have vanished into these woods.
Sarat's Lair
What once was a wildlife den has become a nest.
After a riot, this prison was walled off and made a tomb.
Sunken Ruins
Rumors stir of a healer turned renegade necromancer.
Twisted Hollow
A veritable reservoir of wildlife where answers may lurk.
Ruins deep under Túr Dúlra, its roots thick with rot.
Vault of The Forsaken
The voices in these flooded caves lure many to their demise.
Whispering Pines
Astaroth is gone now, but his grip on this keep holds fast.
Wretched Delve
Demonic plague festers now in the old tombs of Túr Dúlra.
Ancient's Lament
A tomb and prison for the anguished souls trapped within.
Betrayer's Row
The twisted remains of a town driven mad by envy.
Bloodsoaked Crag
A feasting ground for the flesh-hungry.
Buried Halls
The Triune fight to reclaim these ancient halls.
Carrion Fields
The defilers of this land were cursed to wander it forever.
Champion's Demise
Once beautiful homelands now overrun with demons.
Charnel House
Bodies are stored here, some still alive. Food for demons.
Dark Ravine
A Triune ritual site. The screams echo far and wide.
Forgotten Depths
A shadow lies below these hallowed stones.
Grinning Labyrinth
These labyrinthine halls have broken far greater warriors.
Guulrahn Canals
A rot that even the cannibal tyrant will not touch is below.
Guulrahn Slums
Cannibals still hold the streets of the city Guulrahn.
Komdor Temple
A Triune sect cursed to forever walk Sanctuary as goatmen.
What walks here is living and dead and will rob you.
Onyx Hold
Undead wardens still patrol the halls of this prison.
Pallid Delve
Cannibals guard a dark power in the crumbling mines.
Path of the Blind
The bloodstained initiation grounds for Triune aspirants.
Sealed Archives
An ancient mage hall. Once refuge, now graveyard.
Seaside Descent
A cove nestled among a graveyard of shipwrecks.
Shifting City
These ruins were once a refuge for the people of Qara-Yisu.
Whispering Vault
Scholarly halls haunted by whispering spirits of the insane.
The Pit
A Horadric mystery buried deep in the veins of the land.
City of the Ancients
Burning Hells: Realm of Hatred
Sightless Eye
S3 Hub World
Howling Den
Infested Mill
Tsepilova Larder
Collapsed Cavern
Saint's Rest
Saint's Hideout
Savina Hideout
Flooded Mine
Hermit's Abode
Disturbed Grave
Infested Cottage
Frozen Tunnel
Haunted Burrow
Forsaken Mine
Lakeside Retreat
Frostbite Delve
Oleg's Hideout
Blacklung Mine
Secluded Cabin
Velkhova Inn
Geyser Sinkhole
Gruesome Storage
Bloodstained Cellar
Gambler's Hideout
Icy Grave
Frosty Mine
Sunken Hut
Swamp Nest
Mire Hideout
Tormented Pit
Tidal Burrow
Waterlogged Grave
Aya's Hideaway
Fetid Hive
Rocky Burrow
Holy Refuge
Commandeered Lodge
Shipwreck Shack
Flooded Burial Pit
Swamp Hovel
Decaying Cavern
Rotting Cave
Shoreside Shack
Toxic Mine
Slimy Cavern
Bleak Basement
Swarmed Mineshaft
Bloodpox Infestation
Cinder Shack
Feeding Den
Mountain Storeroom
Desecrated Cellar
Dark Catacomb
Cursed Cabin
Swamped Hideout
Deserted Textile Shop
Penitent Temple
City Armory
Knight's Lodging
Derelict Tunnel
Festering Tunnels
Man-eaters' Lair
Blighted Burrow
Ravaged Ruins
Foul Grotto
Bone Dust Hollow
Hakan's Hot Spring
Marauder's Hideaway
Wicked Sanctum
Webbed Den
Festering Burrow
Forgotten Outpost
Sodden Burrow
Ravan's Folly
Raider's Mine
Foul Den
Rancid Vermin Nest
Sandy Ruins
Forlorn Cavern
Hellish Pit
Groundskeeper's Shed
Forgotten Shack
Rotting Outhouse
Watery Sinkhole
Webbed Lode
Fisherman's Rest
Lost Ritual Site
Decrepit Cellar
Disturbed Arachnid Tunnels
Wretch's Stow
Moldy Cavern
Nefarious Hollow
Remote Shelter
Hillside Storage
Abandoned Cottage
Infested Basement
Drowned Burrow
Garan Undercroft
Ancient Grave
Scorched Cellar
Smugglers' Underpass
Meat Locker
Overgrown Outpost
Infested Pit
The Forlorn Hovel
Bloodsoaked Spence
Abahru Sinkhole
Decrepit Hive
Eroded Cove
Seaside Cavern
Hinterlands Shelter
Desolate Vault
Dark Hollow
Dusty Mineshaft
Abandoned Mineshaft
Fetid Pit
Briny Cavern
Grain Storage
Arid Tunnel
Cutpurse's Hoard
Barren Cave
Marauder's Hideaway
Cannibals' Hold
Sun-Bleached Excavation
Rotting Pit
Steamy Chasm
Cannibals' Foothold
Monk's Retreat
Charnel Cave
P:ermeated by a faint scent of desiccating remains
Bitter Cave
A cavern cold enough to freeze your breath on your face.
Abandoned Shack
The cellar of an old homestead, abandoned to the elements.
The Hallowed Glacier
The Glacial Tunnels beneath the Bear Tribe encampment.
Cutthroat's Escape
The bandit hideout has to have Perithan, hopefully alive.
The Red Cellar
Sanctified Study
The Elysiuma Archive
Frigid Cellar
Sister Octavia has invited you to witness a miracle.
Ominous Cellar
Kvera's husband has been locked inside for his own safety.
Ominous Cellar
Kvera and Petr shelter Sister Octavia from prying eyes.
Ominous Cellar
Kvera and Petr shelter Sister Octavia from prying eyes.
Kyovashad Sewers
The cavernous, filth-strewn caves beneath Kyovashad.
Wasting Hollow
A bloodstained feeding ground of the cannibal horde.
Strange Refuge
Secluded Clearing
Only Lyndon and the Drowned know of this hidden clearing.
Quiet Clearing
A hidden clearing Lyndon uses to stash "the good stuff."
Isolated Shack
A remote, unassuming shack, perfect for discreet meetings.
Backwater Storage Cellar
A simple hole in the ground used by the people of Backwater.
Halls of Dark Portent
Elias entered the dark passages underneath the Esret chapel.
Hidden Glade
An ancient clearing pulsing with the magic of the swamps.
Defiled Halls
Once a monument to faith, evil has left these halls twisted.
Taissa's Memories
Through occult magic, Taissa has allowed us into her mind.
Forgotten Cave
Hungering Swamp
Powerful ritual magic suffuses this place.
Eldritch Conclave
A hidden meeting place for the witches of Hawezar.
Zolaya's Hideout
Hideout Entrance
This entrance was obstructed by rubble.
Mahjoob's Safehouse
A place of reprieve for the Kehjistani guide.
Vizjerei Athenaeum
Ruins belonging to the once great Vizjerei Mage Clan.
Tunnels Beneath The Oasis
Sharp acrid smells seep from the hidden caverns.
Triune Hideout
Under the Iron Wolves' noses, Triune plot and connive.
Commandeered House
A residence forcibly taken over by the Knights Penitent
Osric's garrison
A home commandeered as a base by the Knights Penitent
Mysterious Gateway
A hellish portal of unknown contents.
Lost Monument Crypt
Forest Clearing
Demons chased a survivor into these woods.
Wayside Cave
Within the small and lonesome cavern, something thirsts.
Magistrate's Office
Blood Money: A Magistrate calls for aid.
Magistrate's Office
Hunter's Chase: The Magistrate must answer for this.
Magistrate's Office
Summons of the Deathless: Know your enemy.
Magistrate's Office
A Witness in the Dust: Help comes in strange ways.
Magistrate's Office
Wolves at the Door: A hitch in the plan.
Magistrate's Office
Battle of Fear and Faith: The Ascension is disrupted.
Magistrate's Office
In Your Blood: Take a breath and share the news.
Family Cellar
A cellar owned by a local family, long since abandoned.
Embered Recess
An ash-covered cellar carrying the smell of burnt remains.
Seared Hollow
A torrid cavern etched with fire from the Days of Ash.
Abandoned Smuggler's Den
Once a den for bandits, it now houses a far worse threat.
Lair of the Despoiler
A dark corruption has entered these halls.
Mithering Descent
A hidden recess leading to the hair-lined depths.
Abandoned Barrow
Abandoned by the Druids since the time of Astaroth
Borza's Hideout
Borza, the thief who left Nizaar to die, hides in the caves.
Saraan Caldera
A curse festers beneath the Ruins of Saraan.
Infected Delve
An abandoned mine now festers with maggots and disease.
Fissure of Malice
Craft a Devious Invoker to clear the outgrowths within.
The Boiling Wound
Craft a Devious Invoker to clear the outgrowths within.
Den of the Blighted
Craft a Vicious Invoker to clear the outgrowths within.
Bedeviled Grotto
Craft a Vicious Invoker to clear the outgrowths within.
Dindai Hollow
Craft a Brutal Invoker to clear the outgrowths within.
Ravening Pit
Craft a Brutal Invoker to clear the outgrowths within.
Velkhova Church Undercroft
The frozen cellar where Cormond tried to save his mentor.
Karamat's Reach
A remote outpost of old Zakarum, buried and forgotten.
Crypts of Orbei
The monastery lies in ruin but its lower passages remain.
Abattoir of Zir
A wound within infinite space, all to slake a god's thirst.
Vault of Stone
Where the first Governing Stones were carved into shape.
Vault of Ink
Where a miracle was put to parchment.
Vault of Ink
Where a miracle was put to parchment.
Vault of the Loom
Where history was made and unmade.
Vault of the Loom
Where history was made and unmade.
Vault of Copper
Where dead metal assumed a semblance of life.
Vault of Cinders
Where the Loom was cast and forged.
[PH] quest flavor
The Gatehall
A nexus of portals to distant Vaults.
Dormant Hall
Forgotten, but not abandoned.
The Gauntlet
Prove yourself.
Vault of Stone
Where the first Governing Stones were carved into shape.
Vault of the Loom
Where history was made and unmade.
The Library
A place of quiet contemplation and furious debate.
Unearthed Vault
Voices echo from within—pained, plaintive.
Vault of Copper
Where dead metal assumed a semblance of life.
The Gauntlet
Prove yourself.
The Gauntlet
Prove yourself.
The Gauntlet
Prove yourself.
The Gauntlet
Prove yourself.
The Gauntlet
Prove yourself.
Cultist Den
Pine Passage
Necrotic Tomb
City of the Ancients
Power stirs in this place. And in you.
Sanctuary: Estuar
The Training Grounds