Buff /101
Waxing Gibbous Stealth
Cannot be targeted by enemies, removed by attacking or taking damage.
Asheara's Khanjar
Increased Attack Speed per stack.
Banished Lord's Talisman
After spending {SF_1} of your Primary Resource, your next Core Skill is guaranteed to Overpower.
One-Handed Axe Expertise
Increased Attack Speed from Critical Strikes.
Two-Handed Sword Expertise
Increased Bleeding damage after killing an enemy.
Berserk Seal
Berserk Seal
Vampiric Bloodrage
Gaining Move Speed, Basic Attack Damage
Overpower Ready
Your next attack will Overpower.
Ravenous Speed
Gaining Attack Speed equal to your Movement Speed Bonus.
Every [SF_3] Basic Skills, reduce an active Cooldown by [SF_0] seconds.
Speed Seal
Speed Seal
Life Seal
Life Seal
Crit Seal
Crit Seal
Coven's Strength
Your Skills deal [SF_5]% more damage.
Ultimate Damage increased by [{SF_4}*100|%] per nearby enemy affected by your Damage Over Time effects.
Soul Counter
Using a Defensive, Macabre, or Agility Skill will unleash the captured souls on enemies.
Dealing increased damage with Shapeshifting skills.
Beastfall Boots
Your next Core Skill consumes all of your Energy and deals increased damage.
Bonfire's Warmth
Grants [{SF_1}*100|0||%+|] Bonus Experience per stack.
Movement Speed increased by [{SF_0}*100|%10|].
Reduced Overpower
Your next Overpower attack will do less damage.
Reduced Armor
Armor reduced by 5%.
Reduced Critical Damage
Your Critical Strikes deal less damage.
Reduced Dodge Chance
Dodge Chance reduced by 8%.
Reduced Resistance
Resistance to All Elements reduced by [{SF_0}*100|+%|].
Resource Burn
Your next spender will burn additional resource per stack after being cast.
Attack and Move Speed On Kill
+1% Bonus Attack and Move Speed
Profane Mindcage
Increases Helltide monster level and Aberrant Cinder drops.
IGR Bonus
You get 10% Bonus EXP, 10% Bonus Gold, 10% Bonus Obols, and no durability loss on death
IGR Bonus
You get 20% Bonus Gold, 20% Bonus Obols, and no durability loss on death
Chorus of War (Tier 3)
All Stats, Critical Strike and Overpower damage increased. Experience increased by 5%.
The Creatures of Night (Tier 3)
Increases the damage of Hit Effects. Experience increased by 5%.
Reddamine Buzz (Tier 2)
Maximum Life increased. Experience increased by 5%.
Soothing Spices (Tier 2)
All Resistances and Armor increased. Experience increased by 5%.
Spiral Morning (Tier 2)
All Stats increased. Experience increased by 5%.
Scents of the Desert Afternoon (Tier 2)
Thorns increased. Experience increased by 5%.
Storms of the Wild (Tier 1)
Lightning, Cold & Poison Resistances increased. Experience increased by 5%.
Desert Escape (Tier 1)
Fire, Shadow Resistances increased. Armor increased. Experience increased by 5%.
Song of the Mountain (Tier 1)
Armor increased. Experience increased by 5%.
Spirit Dance (Tier 1)
Dodge chance increased. Experience increased by 5%.
Ancient Times (Tier 1)
Strength increased. Experience increased by 5%.
Sage's Whisper (Tier 1)
Intelligence increased. Experience increased by 5%.
Queen's Supreme (Tier 1)
Dexterity increased. Experience increased by 5%.
Blessed Guide (Tier 1)
Willpower increased. Experience increased by 5%.
[PH] March of the Goblins
[PH] The Treasure Goblins have started using the buddy system and it seems to be working, because they have even more treasure on them than usual.
Mother's Blessing
The fleeting gift of Mother's Blessing grants a [{SF_0}*100|%|] boost to Experience and Gold earned from monster kills.
Limitless Rage
Next Core Skill deals [1|%x|] increased damage per stack.
Attack Speed increased by Critical Strikes with Core Skills.
Power Penalty
You have reduced combat efficiency for staying in a lower Level PvP area.
Nearby Player Bonus
Gain 5% bonus experience for being near another player, double this effect if they are your party member.
Durability Broken
Equipment has broken;
visit a Blacksmith to repair
Durability Caution
Equipment is close to breaking;
visit a Blacksmith to repair
Enmity of the Fallen
Constant bloodshed has altered the flow of combat in this area.

+[{SF_11}*100|%|] Damage Over Time
+[{SF_1}*100|%|] Control Impaired Duration Reduction
+[{SF_8}*100|%|] Potion Drop Rate
[{SF_0}*100|%|] Potion Healing
+[{SF_2}] Seconds to Potion Cooldown
[{SF_9}*100|%|] Minion/Companion Health
Malignant Rage
Your next Hammer of the Ancients, Upheaval, or Death Blow is guaranteed to Critically Strike and has [SF_1*100]% increased Critical Strike damage.
Hunter's Zenith
Your next Werebear Skill costs no Resource and has no Cooldown.
Cannot be targeted by enemies, removed by attacking or taking damage.
Momentum stacking up to {SF_2}.
Close Quarters Combat
Increased Attack Speed from Cutthroat Skills.
Malignant Surge
Fight Fire with Fire
Affected by Shadow Damage Over Time. At {SF_0} stacks, you are Dazed for {SF_3} seconds.
Prudent Heart Cooldown
Immune not ready.
Malignant Rage
Your next non-Basic Skill has a [SF_1*100]% increased critical strike chance.
Malignant Pact
Gain a new bonus every 20 kills.
Malignant Pact
Gain a new bonus every 20 kills.
Spending {SF_0} resource will cause your next attack to stun for {SF_1} seconds.
Zoltun's Warding
+5% Damage
Lose a charge when you get hit by a Trap or Hazard
You are Slowed and nearby enemies will only attack you.
Cursed Blood
Take increased damage from blood orb creation.
Taking periodic damage from stinging winds
Sheltered from the damaging winds
Hatred's Chosen
You are Hatred's Chosen. Your attacks periodically siphon Seeds of Hatred from enemies.
Iron Blood
[{SF_0} * 100 |1%|] Damage Reduction per Bleeding enemy.
Encroaching Wrath
Your next Weapon Mastery Skill deals [{SF_1}*100|%|] increased damage.
Veteran Brawler
Next Brawling Skill deals x[{SF_0}*100|%|] increased damage per stack.
Swap Weapons [SF_1] times to Overpower
Tempering Blows
After 6 weapon swaps, gain Fortify.
Bear Clan Berserker
Increased Cooldown Reduction
Natural Balance
Storm Skills Critical Strike Chance increased.
Damage Reduction increased while Shapeshifted into a Werewolf.
Runeworker's Conduit
Lightning aura shocks enemies.
Werebear stun.
Hitting 15 enemies makes your next Werebear skill stun and do more damage.
Fevered Mauling
Increased Attack Speed and Damage Reduction.
Basic Skills grant [{SF_0}*100|%|] Damage Reduction
Inner Calm
Damage increased significantly while standing still.
Protecting Cooldown
Immune bubble not ready.
Next Core Skill deals bonus damage.
Eluding Cooldown
Cooldown until Eluding can grant Unstoppable
Stun Cooldown
Close Stun not ready.
Essence Regeneration increased by Critical Strikes with Bone Skills.
Next Core Skill deals x[SF_0|%|] increased damage per stack.
Explosive Verve
Movement Speed increased after using Trap or Grenade Skills.
Uncanny Treachery
Dodge Chance increased by breaking Stealth.
Energy Regeneration increased by [SF_0 * 100|%x|] from killing a Vulnerable enemy.
Escape Artist
Escape Artist Cooldown
Cheat's Movement
Movement Speed increased by taking damage from a Crowd Controlled enemy.
Synergy Subterfuge Bonus
Next Subterfuge Skill Cooldown Reduced
Lethal Dusk
Increased Life on Kill from breaking Stealth.
Elusive Menace
[{SF_0}*100|%|] Dodge Chance per stack.
Charged Movement
Movement Speed increased from collecting Crackling Energy.
Next Core or Mastery Skill's Mana cost reduced.
You are Bloodmarked. You can attack and be attacked by any player.