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Medical Notes
  • (Male) Medical Notes
  • Medical Notes: Subject 23: The Plague of Alcarnus was born from the dead of this city. Like all of the corpses here, 23's tissue appears flush with the demonic aether... (laughs) still alive, in a sense, after decades of decay.
  • (Male) Intrigued. Excited.
  • Medical Notes: If this "vitality" can be distilled, oh, I may have found more than a cure.
Genbar's Journal
  • (Male) Genbar's Journal
  • Genbar: Today, Master Elias called at my door. I had trouble with my words, so I showed him my carvings. He said he could see my pain in them. The pain of a lonely man who had learned to hate the world, and yet...
  • (Male) Hopeful. Emotional - Elias saw his suffering and gave him hope.
  • Genbar: Our Mother, Lilith, found me beautiful. He said there are others like me as well, and together, we will build the new world.
Abandoned Journal
  • (Male) Abandoned Journal
  • Abandoned Journal: Mother Anica says the Light delivered us to these mines. She says... she says we were sent to do good work, to deliver good materials to the fine folk at Kor Valar. She says it’s part of the Father’s grand design.
  • Abandoned Journal: (sigh) I’m faithful, truly I am. But to say this is the Father's work? Oh ho, I hear strange noises. I catch whiffs of a foul odor. And the structures?
  • Abandoned Journal: We’ve found sharp wooden poles scattered throughout the tunnels. Obviously handmade, but not by us. Who made them? Hmm, why? And what is this place exactly?
High Priestess' Missive
  • High Priestess' Missive: High Priest Clouse, I will be returning with another catch in two days. Prepare a cage. This one is in its prime, and will need extra care to contain.
  • High Priestess' Missive: Have you seen? Folks are moving into our town, into our houses. I saw smoke coming from my own chimney last week. The disgrace of it all!
  • High Priestess' Missive: We’ve kept our army caged long enough. The Mother’s blessings have seen us through till now. She will see us through the retaking of our land. Our time nears.
    -High Priestess Chesna
  • (Male) High Priestess's Missive
Journal Entry
  • (Male) Journal Entry
  • Journal Entry: This might very well be my last journal. The Knights Penitent have fallen. I hid and listened to the screams as they were torn and devoured by the creatures. I didn’t want to end up like the others, nothing but a blood splatter on the floor.
  • Journal Entry: The city walls that kept us safe have trapped us in with them. I pray the Cathedral sends reinforcements soon and will have mercy when they know of my cowardice.
  • Journal Entry: The sounds have stopped. I’m going to try to escape.
Journal Page
  • (Male) Journal Page
  • Journal Page: Mother told me not to go, but the Cathedral refused to tell us anything about Father. What I found was much worse than I expected. The Knights Penitent are either dead or roaming the halls as monstrosities. I've watched them for days until I found one that had my father's limp.
  • (Male) sad, desperate
  • Journal Page: I approached and pleaded with him to come home. The creature that had been my father attacked me, and I stabbed him to escape. I couldn't see anything left of my father in the monster's eyes, only pain and rage. Mother was right. I never should have come here.
Large Scroll
  • (Male) Large Scroll

    A new beast nests in these caves. They are man-shaped, bearing fur and massive horns. If you see one:

    Do not approach.
    Do not engage.
    Do not attack.
  • Large Scroll: Turn back and leave as quietly as you can.

    Once noticed and hunted by these beasts, you are beyond saving. Let the corpses here speak for themselves.

Old Crinkled Letter
  • (Male) Old Crinkled Letter
  • Old Crinkled Letter: Captain Rakin, I have new orders for you. Abandon your post, effective immediately. We need extra swords at the borders of Guulhan. I know you and your soldiers must be eager to see the sunlight again.
  • Old Crinkled Letter: As for your current duties, seal up the prison. I know the stories. Let them rot in their cages and darkness. If they wanted to be treated like humans, they wouldn’t have lived like animals. Perhaps we will teach them a lesson that they’ll carry into the next life.
    -Regards, Commander Finbar
Research Log
  • (Male) Research Log
  • Research Log: Life Amongst the Fallen, Week 4

    I dedicated this week of my research to the making of Fallen demons’ weapons. I summoned a fine specimen, the shaman Maliak, to guide me through the process.
  • Research Log: It showed me, with enthusiasm, how they drain, skin, and dress their victims’ bodies. From human heads they fashion their shamanic staves, which hone their power to breathe new life into slain comrades...
Hastily Written Note
  • (Male) Hastily Written Note
  • Hastily Written Note: Damned woman! Liar! I'm trapped in here by her ancestor's magic and the undead. Whatever treasure that you were told you would find in these halls is a lie.
  • Hastily Written Note: The relic is a curse. My own greed has cost my friends their lives and soon mine. If you're reading this note, then it's too late. You will share this tomb with the rest of us. - Orlah
Child's Journal
  • Child's Journal: 12th: That pup I found is getting big. She'll make a fine hound. Pa says I can keep her if I train her right. I’ll name her Fang.

    15th: Today Fang killed a deer. Thrice her size. We feasted.
  • (Male) Child wants to protect her pet.
  • Child's Journal: 17th: Fang won’t stop challenging bears. Pa said she’s unnatural. Tried to put her down. He never keeps his promises.

    I’ll hide her here in the lodge. She was meant to be a hound. It’s in her blood. I’ll show him when she’s bigger. Then he’ll see.
  • (Male) Child's Journal
Blood-Speckled Journal Entry
  • (Male) Blood-Speckled Journal Entry
  • Blood-Speckled Journal Entry: They have surrounded us. I'm sure not what or who summoned the demons here, but they overwhelmed us in the mine in mere moments. I tried to run, but stumbled over loose rocks. Now my cursed leg is broken.
  • Blood-Speckled Journal Entry: I can hear the echoes of other people still alive, but I can't see them. I suppose it doesn't matter. As long as the demons can’t see me, I’m safe.
Scrap of Paper
  • Scrap of Paper: HERE LIES ROWAN

    My dear child. I’m so sorry. I should’ve been a better shepherd. I should never have shunned you.
  • Scrap of Paper: I tracked you here. Found your corpse. Wept, grieved. My heart stopped when your eyes opened. But it wasn’t life that moved you.

    The unholy beasts that dwell here raised your body with a magic so foul.
  • Scrap of Paper: I killed them. I had to kill you. But I tried to give you a death more painless than your first. Wherever your soul is now, may the Light protect you the way I couldn’t, my child.
  • Letter: Helda, I’m sorry I left so quickly. Father said such awful things, I couldn’t bear it. Don’t fret over me. I’m safe. I fled to the ruins we thought deserted and was shocked to find there a group of kind folk who offered me food and lodging.
  • Letter: I hope you’ll come too. I’ll admit I was scared at first. Hard living has made them...strange looking. But they feed me quite generously. For once I have some fat on my bones in this frigid wasteland!
    -Love, Edeljen
Iron Tunnels
  • Formal Parchment: In the name of our Father the Angel Inarius, I, Lady Aniya of Kyovashad, hereby entrust the mines (and all land, ores, and other materials enclosed therein) located to the north of Nostrava, unto Lord Azhak of Gea Kul for the price of five hundred thousand gold pieces.
  • Formal Parchment: On the sole condition that the constructed cobblestone walls at the bottommost depths of the mine never be disturbed, nor removed, nor inquired into, from now until the end of time.
    -Here signed,
    Lady Aniya
    Lord Azhak
Unsent Letter
  • (Male) Unsent Letter
  • Unsent Letter: Pa,

    Is it true what they say? An angel walks among men? The Knights march to Kor Valar. If I were two years older, I’d have passed my trials and I’d be marching with them.
  • (Male) Young male teen.
  • Unsent Letter: Instead, I stay. A skeleton crew will guard the fort until the Knights can return. You’d be proud. No more polishing shields for me. They gave me a sword. Though I doubt it will ever see battle.

    I’ll write soon.

Crumpled Paper
  • (Male) Crumpled Paper
  • Crumpled Paper: 1166 Anno Kehjistani

    To the “Scholars” at the Caldeum Palace Library:

    Five moons ago I requested a manuscript, “Necromancy: On the Transfiguration of Souls by Calum the Elder.” It was only yesterday I received your letter of rejection.
  • (Male) Prideful, even with derision.
  • Crumpled Paper: You call my work “dangerous.” “Unethical.” “Blasphemous.” Ha! You are too blinded by the charade you call piety to see the truth.

    I’m charting new territory on the frontier of the magical unknown. My research will proceed, with or without you...
Bandit Note
  • Bandit Note: Greghor, need a word with you. Fence says the math doesn’t add up right. Says she saw you skulking around the reserves last night. Says we’re short two boxes of the good stuff.
  • Bandit Note: No need to worry. I know you’ll make it right. And I know you’ll come tell me exactly how. I’d hate to let you go. The wargs like you, my friend. But they like fresh meat too. Think on that.
  • (Male) A barely legible note
  • Note: Please turn back. We have tracked the undead to these woods. They attacked our camp a few nights ago. I awoke to the cries of other loggers being dragged away into the night.
  • Note: We followed the blood and limbs back here. I can hear the screams of the unlucky ones still alive. I can’t leave them...but I doubt I’ll make it out of these woods. -Talmu
Bill of Mortality
  • (Male) Bill of Mortality
  • Bill of Mortality: Bill of Mortality: In the year of the Light 1318 Anno Kehjistani, we have buried 92 souls on these hallowed grounds.

    Abortive and Stillborn: 7. Bleeding Wounds: 4. Childbed: 2. Executed: 15. Frostbitten: 6. Old Age: 1. Removal of Blood: 54. Starvation: 3.
Journal Page
  • (Male) Journal Page
  • Journal Page: Forgive me, Father Inarius, for I have sinned.
  • Journal Page: I have tasted human blood. Gorged myself on it. Taken lives to do it. Damnedest of all, I enjoy it every time, hating myself all the while. I pray in the moments I still have clarity. But these moments slip from me like water through a sieve.
  • Journal Page: I’ve killed too many...I can live no longer. Tonight, I seal myself in this cave so that I might harm no others.

    In the name of the Light.
Holy Order
  • Holy Order: The heathens that call themselves Horadrim, and all who associate with them, are hereby denounced by the Cathedral of Light as HERETICS. These deceivers crept through the gates of Hell and committed blasphemies that revealed the true nature of their wicked souls.
  • Holy Order: Any information on the whereabouts of these heretics must be reported immediately to your superiors. Reverend Mother Prava’s blessings await any who can capture them, dead or alive.
  • Note: Sister Daneka,
    A deeply corrupted heretic will be joining your other wards on the morrow. A group of Knights Penitent will deliver him directly to you. You must comply with their every order.
  • Note: Read the following carefully. Do not approach the prisoner. Do not speak with him. Do not even listen to him. This is of the utmost importance. Lesser wardens have been deceived by his trickery. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors. Let’s avoid another incident.

    Light be with you.
    Sister Asja
Burned Parchment
  • (Male) A burned, half legible parchment
  • Burned Parchment: I saw a serpent coiling in the fires of the Eternal Conflict...saw my corpse, and from my mouth crawled Hatred...the weak made strong...
  • Burned Parchment: Tears of blood rained on a desert jewel...Hell was torn asunder...a spear of light, piercing Hatred’s heart...a wise man with seven arms...a fog of lies...plagues of every name...
  • Burned Parchment: I saw a child give birth to a mother, as Hatred’s sun set and that of Terror and Destruction dawned.
Malnok Cliffs
  • Lagmir: We always knew something was under the ice, but we thought we could fend off whatever was in the tunnels. Yesterday I found my daughter, Calla, crying. She told me she saw monsters in the caves and begged for us to leave. I told her nothing would drive us from our home.
  • (Male) sad, cold
  • Lagmir: I left afterwards to hunt. When I returned, I had to push through raging winds and heavy snow to reach the village. I found the guards first; they were encased in ice. The monsters my daughter warned me about had overrun the town.
  • (Male) sad
  • Lagmir: I snuck past them to find Calla, but it's too late. My daughter is frozen like the others. There isn't a soul left alive here. Why didn't I listen to her?
Scrap of Paper
  • Scrap of Paper: I have come to these caves to be in service for my master. He has promised me both life and blood, resilience as the world crumbles. I crave such stability, such…STRENGTH.
  • Scrap of Paper: I was born weak into a world that has no tolerance for it, and I continue to be weak to feed my master.
  • Scrap of Paper: But I know that one day soon I will be reborn anew, his equal and his ally and his kin. This day will come. This day will come!
  • (Male) Scrap of Paper
Bloodstained Scrap of Paper
  • Bloodstained Scrap of Paper: My name is Pomuk Zlicek. I write this as I bleed out my last among the corrupted tombs of those who might have been my brothers. I have hunted these wretched creatures for as long as I've been able to wield a knife against them.
  • Bloodstained Scrap of Paper: They feed on blood and grow strong in numbers. I have chased them into this nest and been caught in a trap.
  • Bloodstained Scrap of Paper: Their leader can raise the dead and I fear for all who wander unknowingly into these crypts. If you have the skill, hunt them down. Do not let my death be for naught.
  • (Male) Bloodstained Scrap of Paper
Caretaker's Memoirs
  • (Male) Caretaker's Memoirs
  • Caretaker's Memoirs: For forty-three years, I have swept the floors, lit the candles, and welcomed the faithful here to the tomb of our Saint Ilenora. May she rest in the Father’s glory.
  • (Male) Weary. Reverent. Name pronunciation: "ill-ih-norra"
  • Caretaker's Memoirs: But the faithful have stopped coming. I hear their horses thunder by on the road to Scosglen, charging headlong into the wild to serve the Father.
  • (Male) Weary. Slight sadness.
  • Caretaker's Memoirs: The lucky few may earn a tomb of their own … and perhaps an old monk to care for them while the world forgets their names.
  • (Male) Weary. Resigned. A joke on his own foolishness.
Scavenger’s Journal
  • (Male) Scavenger’s Journal
  • Scavenger’s Journal: Ran hard and fast from my old crew. They wanted to set up shop in Wejinhani and I want out. I can’t live in the swamp. I can’t stay and I can’t leave without money.
  • Scavenger’s Journal: Found these warrens by accident, but what a treasure. I can sell everything I find and leave. But there’s someone else—more than one person—here. Hunting for something. And I think if they find me, it won’t go well.
Blood-streaked Diary
  • (Male) Blood-streaked Diary
  • Blood-streaked Diary: Same dream as always. Serpent eyes in the darkness. Shadow slithering through the grass. I shed the skin from this old dying form. Then I am adorned in scales. Free from pain.
  • (Male) Feverish. Maddened.
  • Blood-streaked Diary: In the scales are reflected faces I know. Villagers who scorned me. Cursed me. Laughed at me. Tongues flick in the darkness. Hear their words in my thoughts.
  • Blood-streaked Diary: Each life is a sacrifice for us. Each life is a scale for your rebirth.

    I awaken, and a snake is at my feet. Waiting.
Charred Journal
  • (Male) A crumpled page out of a charred journal
  • Charred Journal: The Cathedral of Light ordered us to cleanse Fort Eridu. At first, I thought this was a mistake. There wasn’t anything in the old fort, but we started to lose our men. We found them torn apart and barely recognizable.
  • Charred Journal: Death was granted for a lucky few, the other rose as shambling corpses. The trail of bodies led us to the demon infestation in the lower reaches.
  • Charred Journal: No wonder this fort was left to rot. It’s sitting on cursed ground. I won’t lose any more knights. Tomorrow, I’m ordering my regiment to destroy this vile building and hopefully seal these demons inside. I pray they never escape.
Zoological Survey
  • (Male) A Zoological Survey of the Ghoa Fortress
  • Zoological Survey: I have been among the ruins of the Ghoa Fortress for nigh on eleven days now. The creatures here are diverse, though I hesitate to call them animals.
  • Zoological Survey: Monsters seems a more accurate term, and what monstrosities they are! I have encountered a great snake-like thing from the waist down, but from the waist up: a woman! Or like a woman I suppose.
  • Zoological Survey: She’d bitten my left arm and the swelling--well. A matter for when I reach town. The encyclopedia will be sensational if I continue recording these discoveries.
Journal Page
  • (Male) A half-dissolved journal page
  • Journal Page: They took us... (breathes) escaped spider webs and ran... (breathes) can’t see, too dark... (cries) Julius headless, but still... (cries) can hear them getting closer.
Journal Page
  • (Male) Journal entry
  • Journal Page: We were sent here as punishment. Our options were remain in the corridor and starve, or pass through one of the portals and take our chances with what lurks on the other side. Dezin went through when we were first put here three days ago.
  • Journal Page: Nicos couldn’t take the hunger and went through a portal just yesterday. I’ve found moss and some rodents, but I don’t think it’ll last me long. I don’t want to go through a portal. I don’t know what’s on the other side. At least here there are no demons. At least here ... I’m alive.
Journal Page
  • (Male) A half-dissolved journal page
  • Journal Page: The old Zakarum church is supposed to be empty, but I heard bells tolling. They call to me, splitting open my dreams. A call that demanded an answer. I must release them.
  • Journal Page: This holy place reeks of seawater and rot. I’m going to drown in it. There’s no escape. It’s hard to think when the ringing of those damn bells fills my head.
Ledger Page
  • (Male) A half-dissolved journal page
  • Ledger Page: The accused has been convicted of trying to steal our holy relic. She claims to be merely a grave robber, trying to make an easy coin. But our denomination knows the hand of evil when we see it.
  • (Male) Haughty, confident
  • Ledger Page: Still, she must be tested. We will bury her. If she is still alive when we dig her up, we will know darkness favors her and can proceed with the execution.

    Verdict: Dead. She is saved and joins the Light.
Scavenger’s Journal
  • (Male) Scavenger’s Journal
  • Scavenger’s Journal: I have been called to repentance. To this shrine in the center of an uncivilized swamp to make right what I have done wrong. But the swamp, like my past, is restless, angry, and full of whispers.
  • Scavenger’s Journal: I go to bed with its voice in my ear, reciting the litany of my sins. It says to me that my repentance means little. That in my heart I feel no remorse. That in the end there will be no absolution. Please...please...I must have absolution...
Ragged Piece of Parchment
  • Ragged Piece of Parchment: We were prepared to face demons, fortified against the denizens of Hell itself. What we found was infinitely more horrifying. The creatures we encountered… I assume they were human at one time… but now…
  • Ragged Piece of Parchment: Now they were like ravenous animals… hungry for flesh. Hot, steaming flesh, consumed straight from the bones of the still living! We fled, but I can feel them in pursuit. Hungry for more…
  • (Male) Ragged Piece of Parchment
Interrogation Journal
  • Interrogation Journal: The vile bloodsuckers are only capable of lies... unless properly motivated. We have many useful tools to inflict pain upon these soulless beasts.
  • Interrogation Journal: Their screams, harsh and howling, eventually become like a song of truth. It is a blessing to be able to end their suffering and send their demented souls back to Hell.
  • (Male) Interrogation Journal
Cultist Prayer Book
  • Cultist Prayer Book: I am not sure if our prisoners should be praised or pitied. They will have the honor to mate with our lords. The virile offspring should allow us the power we need to take back the camp from these heretics.
  • (Male) Cultist Prayer Book
  • Cultist Prayer Book: However, I do not envy them the process that will surely be deadly. Service demands sacrifice.
Faded Journal Page
  • (Male) Faded Page from a Journal
  • Faded Journal Page: The Cathedral of Light has forsaken us! Our people starve and struggle, succumbing to the dangers of the swamp. Yesterday, my brother died, poisoned, after being bitten by a snake.
  • (Male) mad
  • Faded Journal Page: Every letter and plea have gone unanswered by them. I gave them everything, but now all they shall have is my hatred.
  • (Male) mad
  • Faded Journal Page: I know they will come for me. Let them. We will have an army of the living and dead waiting for them.
  • (Male) Devotional
  • Devotional: Our queen has fallen. The cowardly ran, but the truly faithful have come to this sacred place.
  • (Male) mad
  • Devotional: The pond in here radiates with magic. We will turn these powerful waters red with blood spilt to honor her. We pray Queen Mohlon will hear our call and answer, and thus be reborn.
  • (Male) determined
Journal Page
  • Journal Page: This was easy money. Making my way across the delta was a little bit tricky, but I’ve had tougher.
  • Journal Page: Now I just need to find this “cursed” pool, collect a flask full, and get back to the witch to grab my coin. Easy gold.
Scrap of Paper
  • Scrap of Paper: They brought Eriman today. Either the luck of the Zakarum is truly something, or someone finally gave him up. Can’t ask what this means for those of us being held prisoner now. It isn’t for us to question Akarat’s will... or so they say.
  • Scrap of Paper: It was supposed to be me on the pyre tonight, but they’re eager to learn if Eriman truly is the witch they’ve been hunting. I can only hope his is the last flesh that burns.
  • (Male) Scrap of Paper
Defector's Note
  • (Male) Defector's note
  • Defector's Note: I never thought I’d be throwing my lot in with this rabble, but here I am. Maybe I can organize these bandits into something that resembles an effective unit. At least effective enough to allow me an escape when the Church eventually finds us.
Bloodstained Confession
  • Bloodstained Confession: Here I stand in the sight of Heaven and renounce the Light from my heart. Wretched, I was born of sin... and to sin I commit my soul.
  • (Male) Broken. Tearful. Hesitating. A forced confession.
  • Bloodstained Confession: Accept my blood, O Lord of Hatred, and guide me as thy servant... into the darkness, eternal.
  • (Male) Broken. Tearful. Hesitating. A forced confession.
  • (Male) Bloodstained Confession
Crusader's Letter
  • (Male) Crusader's Letter
  • Crusader's Letter: To my bold, beloved fool. I pray this letter finds you in Zarbinzet before you depart. I can’t stand the thought of you tramping through the swamp without my voice in your pocket, nagging you along.
  • (Male) Full of love. Smiling. Teasing.
  • Crusader's Letter: You will be the one to find the tomb of Akarat, I know it in my bones. Let the Light be your guide... and our love be your courage.
  • (Male) Genuine. Sending all his love and hope.
Scrap of Paper
  • (Male) Scrap of Paper
  • Scrap of Paper: Rasav, last warning. Quit pissin’ outside the latrine. Reeks bad enough for us, but you know how it riles the snaky bastards. No chance we’re finding that ritual tome without ‘em. If you ruin it now, after we’ve slogged all over Sanctuary and back, all ‘cause you couldn’t be bothered to step outside, well. The tribe will want answers.
  • Scrap of Paper: Think of the morrow. Untold power, bountiful flesh. We’ll crush every other clan in the Steppes. We can have it all—or I can kill you. You choose.

Scrap of Paper
  • (Male) Scrap of Paper
  • Scrap of Paper: Something in the fort has followed us inside these awful tunnels. Or been here for long ages and is now newly woken.
  • Scrap of Paper: I thought to flee—to abandon my fellow crusaders, to think for myself for once. It will no doubt spell my doom.
  • Scrap of Paper: I can smell death in the air. It will come for me soon.
Waterlogged Missive
  • (Male) Waterlogged Missive
  • Waterlogged Missive: To the Healer in Wejinhani:
  • Waterlogged Missive: I’ve a young man in my care who’s been bitten by a spider. His parents died just last week, bearing similar bites. The venom took them in mere hours... but something slows it in him. He's been clinging on for days.
  • Waterlogged Missive: Symptoms: Fever, cold sweat, wheezing breath. Odd little bumps that sometimes move beneath the skin. Won’t take food or water.
  • Waterlogged Missive: The strangest one of all: other spiders won’t leave the poor lad alone. What draws them to the bite? Please, send help.
Ledger of Tithes Received
  • (Male) Ledger of Tithes Received
  • Ledger of Tithes Received: Old couple by the rocks: Paid in full
  • Ledger of Tithes Received: Family on the creek: Missing half, send patrol
  • Ledger of Tithes Received: Hermit by the bridge: Paid up at last, after some convincing
  • Ledger of Tithes Received: Woodcarver south of the grove: Still won’t budge. He’s courting a girl in Wejinhani - maybe she’ll listen to reason.
Torn Notebook Page
  • (Male) A page torn from a notebook
  • Torn Notebook Page: Notes from the pale demonologist:
    - Summon larvae into the vessel’s stomach. They will lay the grounds for the nest.
    -Try to keep the vessel alive. Living flesh is better fuel for manifesting the demon.
  • Torn Notebook Page: -Flies are a sign the possession has taken hold. The vessel can be unbound at this point, and the demon bent to your will through binding rituals.

    Didn’t believe him at first. Actually works, quite effectively.
Mine Foreman Logbook
  • (Male) Mine Foreman Logbook
  • Mine Foreman Logbook: Ore extraction has ground nearly to a complete halt! I cannot get the workers to venture further into the mines, or even dig where they are at this point. I don’t blame them. We haven’t been paid in weeks. Yet the Trade Commission still demands their quotas.
  • Mine Foreman Logbook: I long for the days of my father’s Caldeum, when the Commission did the bidding of the people instead of the other way around. I am at a loss as to what to do. I haven’t seen daylight in more days than I care to count. Sometimes, it feels like this mine may become my grave.
Letter to Exalted Lazira
  • (Male) Letter to Exalted Lazira
  • Letter to Exalted Lazira: Your highness. We have come to the grotto as instructed. Your fears have been proven correct. A horrible corruption, both of the spirit and of the flesh, has infiltrated this once tranquil space. The garrison has encountered corpses that walk and wail, as well as other forms of demonic creatures too terrible to describe.
  • Letter to Exalted Lazira: We are down to only a few men; the rest now shamble the sands like empty human husks hungry for a taste of life. A life I can feel slowly draining away.
  • Letter to Exalted Lazira: I have sent a runner to dispatch this note, I pray he makes it out alive.
    -Your Captain, Munaz
Hidden Oasis
  • (Male) Inscription on Brass Decanter
  • Inscription on Brass Decanter: May the cool waters fill this vessel to the brim and never run dry.
    May the cool waters wet your parched lips and fill your belly.
    May the cool waters ripen the grape to make the wine you desire.
    May the cool waters cleanse you of the sand of the desert.
Blood-Soaked Paper
  • (Male) Blood-Soaked Paper
  • Blood-Soaked Paper: Rivers of crimson to open the door at the bottom of these tunnels. Our sacrifice shall be rewarded. Salvation is within our grasp. All hail the Unholy Mother and her divine plan.
Notes on Looters’ Hand Drawn Map
  • (Male) Notes on Looters’ Hand Drawn Map
  • Notes on Looters’ Hand Drawn Map: No treasure down this hallway.
  • Notes on Looters’ Hand Drawn Map: Beginning to think coming to Alcarnus was a waste of time.
Piece of Parchment
  • (Male) Piece of Parchment
  • Piece of Parchment: What have we done? The madness! The sheer madness! We fought against each other with such zeal. For what purpose? Now...the creatures have overtaken us. Nature bid her time well. We are now like carrion to them.
  • Piece of Parchment: Tissue paper to be torn through. Once I was a warrior fighting for a cause I can barely remember. Now...I am maggot food.
Ragged Piece of Cloth
  • (Male) Ragged Piece of Cloth
  • Ragged Piece of Cloth: ...the buzzing...the incessant buzzing. Constantly. Everywhere. In my ears. In my head. Then the stench...putrid. Foul. Cloying. Corrupt...
  • Ragged Piece of Cloth: There is no escape. Am I dead already? Is this hell? Who knows? Would it be so different than life in Sanctuary?
Tattered Map
  • (Male) A tattered hand-drawn map
  • Tattered Map: Gates still locked. Sentries at walls, don’t bother. Cave entrance here, here, and here. Tunnels must lead under the city—not sure where they let out. Snakes here. And here. And here. Watch for snakes!
Faded Letter
  • (Male) A faded and stained letter
  • Faded Letter: Hakan,

    We see the barrels of food wheeled in and hear the music from your halls. The people around you starve and scavenge as you relish in our supplies.
  • Faded Letter: Soon you will learn there is much more to fear in this world than hunger and plague.

    This place will turn as poisonous as you are.
Journal Page
  • (Male) A blood-stained journal page
  • Journal Page: I tried to run, but the cultists still found me. They dragged us from our home and put us here to be collected for the sacrifices. When the knights arrived, everyone celebrated; a few wept for joy that their prayers to the Light had been answered.
  • Journal Page: But I see no light in their eyes and still hear the screams at night. I’m terrified to face the end, but I know we will not leave here alive.
  • (Male) Parchment
  • Parchment: In memory of Grand Mage Emerus.

    I met him decades ago. It was he who rejected my application to the Sanctum. He called me power-hungry, reckless. And I was.
  • Parchment: That rejection was a gift. It put me on my path, pushed me to seek bolder mentors. I now have the power I once sought.
  • Parchment: When we took the Sanctum, I killed him myself. Raised him from the dead. Now he serves my every whim. A fitting legacy for a fool.
Creased Invitation
  • (Male) A well-creased invitation
  • Creased Invitation: Brothers and sisters of the Triune! You are hereby called upon to witness the unveiling of a new weapon in our fight to win Sanctuary.
  • Creased Invitation: In a feat of necromantic expertise, our members have patched together a fearsome warrior, sculpted from the bodies of fallen legends. The Cathedral boasts of their angel—we now have a contender.
  • Creased Invitation: He shall slumber until called upon. On the next blood moon, gather at the Altar and awaken him with us!
Experiment Log
  • Experiment Log: Experiment Number 7

    Raised another undead today. Excellent specimen. Technique improving. Full mobility this time. Directed it to move a scroll. Scroll ended up in torn pieces. Must work on fine control of fingers and hands.
  • Experiment Log: Peers in the Clans might sniff at use of necromancy. But undead labor is cheap. (Free!) Library too valuable to let rot. But too expensive to hire mercenaries. If studies go well, who knows what gems I might discover here.
  • (Male) Experiment Log
Journal Entry
  • Journal Entry: It is bitter, the parting between Uzara and I. I lay her to rest here knowing no one will avenge her, for they all believe she died for some great cause.
  • Journal Entry: I did not want her to join the Zakarum knights. I have seen what their corruption has done firsthand, I know that there is no quiet or blessed end for them.
  • Journal Entry: There is no body in her crypt. Somewhere in the desert is a body, nameless, alone, claimed by monsters or bandits. I am so sorry, sister, and so angry at your passing.
Damaged Journal
  • Damaged Journal: We have held out against the damned Wolves for three days. They’re more stubborn than we gave ‘em credit for, and we’re about out of water.
  • Damaged Journal: Our brothers won’t be back for a fortnight, and without water or food we won’t survive waiting for ‘em.
  • Damaged Journal: I told Zulak we should have rejoined the main caravan and now here we are, about to be another victory to grow the legend of the Iron Wolves.
Journal Page
  • Journal Page: They won’t believe me. No matter how many people I tell and beg for help, nobody will accept that I saw monsters in those ruins! Cowards! I won’t let these monsters slaughter my family.
  • Journal Page: At dawn, my brother and I will head into the tunnels and take out their leader ourselves. If I survive, I’ll carry the monster’s head through the streets.
Knight's Journal
  • (Male) Knight's journal
  • Knight's Journal: Something feels wrong. The commanders are being quiet on what exactly we’re doing here, but the Zakarum were completely corrupted so there is nothing “good” in this place.
  • Knight's Journal: The church should have razed this unholy den long ago.

    May the Light preserve us.
Silver Scroll
  • (Male) Silver Scroll
  • Silver Scroll: Rejoice, my loyal servants,

    Word of your deeds has stirred the hearts of the faithful. Our enemies in Kehjistan assailed you with lies and blades alike, but never once did your devotion waver. Now peace has come to this land plagued by conflict and evil.
  • (Male) Hallowed, reverent. A message from Diablo's equivalent of the Pope.
  • Silver Scroll: For your selfless and holy triumph, it is my honor to sanctify you in the Light. You are absolved of what was done to protect the faith and bring wisdom to the ignorant. Henceforth, you will be known as Saint Omath, Saint Aniya, and Saint Sehruz.
  • Silver Scroll: Forevermore you will shine as beacons of the Zakarum.

    Que-Hegan Sankekur
Sealed Letter
  • (Male) Sealed letter
  • Sealed Letter: This is working out better than expected. Those rats we took on a while back are definitely pulling their weight. Eh, let’s hope their people don’t come looking for them.
  • Sealed Letter: With this extra muscle, we can make a move on the oasis. Maybe put the Iron Dogs on their heels a bit.
Undelivered Letter
  • (Male) Sealed, undelivered letter
  • Undelivered Letter: Commander Anara,

    We need to make some changes. We’ve got too many prisoners and not enough Wolves. Personally, I think we need to start executing some of this rabble.
  • Undelivered Letter: If those cultists and knights ever decide to stop hating each other and work together, we could be in for trouble. Send swords. Or I’ll bring the axe.
Adventurer's Note
  • (Male) Adventurer's note
  • Adventurer's Note: Merrik, I know you hate snakes, but there’s gold to be made. I need you to go search the ruins for a book called “Compendium Maleficarum.”
  • Adventurer's Note: If you find it, I’ve got a buyer who’ll pay a king’s ransom and you’ll never have to see another snake for as long as you live.
Journal Page
  • Journal Page: Now, Abd al-Hazir mentioned this place being infested with vermin. Tomorrow I shall see what time has done to this place.
  • (Male) Journal page
  • Journal Page: Finally, my latest discovery tracing the path of the legendary Abd al-Hazir; the Caldeum Aqueducts. With the city closed, I didn’t think I’d be able to gain entry.
  • Journal Page: Piecing together the location of an entrance outside the city was difficult, but luckily persistence paid off. And with a generous donation to those Iron Wolves, I am ready to continue my journey.
Journal Page
  • (Male) Journal page
  • Journal Page: Charinus,
    We’ve finally opened the tomb! Thousands of properly embalmed corpses, housed in stone coffins, undisturbed by soil.
  • Journal Page: Living hosts succumb within days. But these bodies are hardier. Multiple colonies of fly demons can thrive in them for months. Our work here is secure. Baal smiles upon us!
Torn Paper
  • Torn Paper: They said the Aldurwood was the last patch of old growth in Scosglen that was free from corruption. They said Aldur himself, though he is gone from the flesh, watches over the forest in spirit.
  • Torn Paper: So they said. I had hoped to find the secret that preserved the health of these woods. Imagine my despair when the trees themselves chased me out amidst the howling of some half-human beast.

    If corruption has taken root even here, then all hope is lost for the forests of Scosglen.
  • (Male) Torn Paper
Tattered Zakarum Missive
  • (Male) Tattered Zakarum Missive
  • Tattered Zakarum Missive: Cantor Adiya,
    Stop writing to me about the cave-ins and do as I told you previously! Dispose of the bodies in the tunnels. Give the families some coin to temper their anger.
  • (Male) Annoyed - a superior talking down to an underling who has disappointed him.
  • Tattered Zakarum Missive: We need only a bit more stone to complete Omath’s Stronghold, and your squeamishness will not jeopardize that. If you see this through, you can leave the mine to the locals and return to civilization. Or must I find another cantor who has the stomach for it?
  • Tattered Zakarum Missive: Akarat give you strength,
    Heirophant Harsa
Blood-Smeared Ledger
  • Blood-Smeared Ledger: Brought in three more. I’m closer [illegible] gaining his favor. [illegible] hates me, but they don’t understand. [illegible] way to protect my home.
  • (Male) Suggest leaving gaps in speech, rather than actually saying "illegible."
  • (Male) Blood-Smeared Ledger
Chieftain's Orders
  • Chieftain's Orders: Elder Janna,

    A family of wasps has crept their way into a cave in the highlands. The wasps are harmless enough, but the locals have written to me in a panic. To think such tiny creatures could sow sheer chaos with their coming.
  • Chieftain's Orders: You are strong in the language of swarms. You know the rhythms of their dances. Go to the highlands. Guide this brood from the cave and shepherd them home where they belong.

    Chieftain Lohri
  • (Male) Chieftain's Orders
Abandoned Journal
  • (Male) Abandoned Journal
  • Abandoned Journal: Do you hear it? The howling? The hideous howling? I no longer know whether that horrific sound is in the air or in my head. My mind will not be still since I‘ve come to this place.
  • Abandoned Journal: So many have disappeared, taken down into the earth by … something … never to be seen again. Is that the fate awaiting me? I am drawn to it, and have no will to resist.
Crumpled Warning
  • (Male) Crumpled Warning
  • Crumpled Warning: Once there was glory here, the resting place of warrior queen Luban and her shield bearers. But in the time since Lilith swept through Loch Raeth, darkness has stirred within the tomb, vomiting hungry ghouls into the light.
  • Crumpled Warning: Beware this place, unwary traveler, if you mean to keep the flesh on your bones.
Faded Letter
  • (Male) Faded Letter
  • Faded Letter: Brother Mevren, Orders have come down: we’re closing the tower for good. I warned them that building atop the old Zakarum crypt was trouble. You should have seen how many priests they brought in to keep the dead at bay. All that work to maintain some backwater foothold.
  • (Male) Relieved--unaware of the danger that will soon await him.
  • Faded Letter: Just a few more days of this farce. They’re sealing up the passageways to the crypt. Then I’ll see you in Eldhaime.

    Light’s Blessings, Brother Kozena
Tale of Oldstones
  • (Male) Tale of Oldstones
  • Tale of Oldstones: 'Twas once a farmer lived in the muck,
    Sowed a sacred field to change his luck,
    Never once asked the land its blessing,
    Oh nature’s wrath was quite distressing,
  • (Male) Not too dire or light--it's a grim fairy tale that parents might tell to their children
  • Tale of Oldstones: From his seeds sprouted dust and hunger,
    Beast and root tore his house asunder,
    So it is even now we must bleed,
    To right the wrong of that farmer’s greed.
Soggy Letter
  • Soggy Letter: Dear Brother,

    I’m calling in a family favor. We’ve got a spider problem on the farm, and the wife will have my head if I don’t see to it. I reckon there’s a nest somewhere abouts.
  • (Male) Annoyed. Grumbling.
  • Soggy Letter: Round up those idiot cousins of ours and bring a jug of rotgut. I won’t do this sober.
  • (Male) Annoyed. Grumbling.
Scorched Demands
  • (Male) Scorched Demands
  • Scorched Demands: We’ve captured your scumbag warden and her team of enforcers. They abused, tortured, and degraded us for decades. You’re lucky they’re still alive.
  • Scorched Demands: And they’ll stay that way, in exchange for one thing: freedom. Open the gates and let us out. For each day our demand goes unanswered, another prison guard dies.

    Thirty-two remain. You have one moon, chieftains of Scosglen. Use it wisely.
Cathedral Orders
  • (Male) Cathedral Orders
  • Cathedral Orders: We have received more reports of undead prowling the north. The glenfolk say these creatures are the work of a necromancer. As the locals tell it, a healer named Tomas turned to profane arts after his family succumbed to illness. It could be just a legend. However, it warrants further investigation. If this fiend is real, we must destroy him.
  • (Male) Authoritative. A commander issuing a holy order.
  • Cathedral Orders: Go forth, Knights Penitent, and show the unbelievers that we can cleanse this land of evil.

    Blessed be the Light, Watch Commander Antje
Tattered Page
  • (Male) A tattered page from a captain’s log
  • Tattered Page: Our ship, The Wicked Mary, was thrown against the rocks by the storm. We've abandoned the sinking ship and taken shelter in this cave until it passes.
  • Tattered Page: The crew is worried. They swear something more than a storm threw us off course. A few say they saw somebody watching us as the rowboats landed. I told them that fear is a trickster, and it must have been shapes in the rain.
  • Tattered Page: I need them to focus on survival, not superstitions. It doesn't help that every sailor tells tales about these beaches. Legends say that it was once a hideout of the merciless Captain Murador and his crew. They say even in death he still guards these shores. I pray that he stays only a story.
Torn Tome Pages
  • (Male) Torn Tome Pages
  • Torn Tome Pages: The trees themselves seem to whisper a warning of this place. Long ago, Astaroth’s demons ravaged the land and left a bloody wake.
  • Torn Tome Pages: Astaroth is gone now, but his shadow persists. There are still things here, dark things that hunger. Only death awaits in these woods.
Knight Commander's Log
  • (Male) Knight Commander's Log
  • Knight Commander's Log: After a month's voyage on the Twin Seas, our ship has run aground on the night of our return to Scosglen. The keepers of Hope's Light apparently failed to tend the beacon. Their singular duty.
  • (Male) Officially angered.
  • Knight Commander's Log: This incompetence has cost the Father a ship and endangered the lives of my knights.
  • (Male) Officially angered.
  • Knight Commander's Log: I will be leading a shore party to find those responsible, bind them to the beacon, and set them alight.
  • (Male) Heads will roll.
Bloodstained Journal
  • (Male) Bloodstained Journal
  • Bloodstained Journal: This is my fault. I awoke this morning to the screams of the other hunters being torn apart outside the lodge. I thought it was another animal attack, but then I saw Artair as a bear dragging away one of the hunters. The other druids were with him.
  • Bloodstained Journal: Artair promised he would stop corrupting the animals, so I let him go. I never should have trusted him. I told the other hunters what was happening in the caves. Now I must find my friend and kill him.
Crumpled Journal Page
  • (Male) A crumpled page torn from a journal
  • Crumpled Journal Page: We had another attack this morning. The other hunters think there’s sickness making the game aggressive, but I have my doubts. The attacks are increasing at an unnatural rate.
  • Crumpled Journal Page: I tracked the trail of blood back to this cave. I hid and watched as a bear transformed into one of the druids from around these hills. I found evidence they are performing rituals and corrupting the animals.
  • Crumpled Journal Page: I will talk to their leader, Artair. He’s a good friend and will listen to reason.
Discarded Journal
  • (Male) Discarded Journal
  • Discarded Journal: They did not believe me. Or perhaps, could not believe me. The sores that began on the Great Tree spread to Finalaya’s hands this morning, and tonight they march relentlessly into her ears and nostrils.
  • Discarded Journal: She has tended the tree for three generations, and though I tend the health of this clan, she would not be dissuaded, would not be convinced that the Great Tree could bring her harm. Finalaya will not speak at the gathering tonight. I only wish they would heed me… and hold no gathering at all.
Worn Journal
  • (Male) Worn Journal
  • Worn Journal: Whatever protected me from this demon-born blight has waned. The sores on the back of my hands weep and something eats at the back of my eyes. Like the rest of my clan, I will lose this battle and succumb to this disease.
  • Worn Journal: It was proudful to think the earth protected me so that I could save my people. It was a curse. Forced to watch, helpless, as all that I love died.
  • Worn Journal: But this is not...will not...be the end. The earth would not let it be so.
Hunter's Journal
  • Hunter's Journal: We have caught four stags, six does, ten quill rats, three rabbits, and are on the trail of what could be three large bears. Some do not want to tempt fate by hunting such fearsome creatures. I say, when will we have this chance again?
  • (Male) Hunter's Journal
Embossed Leather Belt
  • (Male) Embossed Leather Belt
  • Embossed Leather Belt: Jalal has left these woods. The forest is filled with endless howling. Woe to us all. Cinch this belt tight against the creatures of the night.
Drafted Letter
  • Drafted Letter: Shayle, you’ve done the work of angels. The Great Hall looks magnificent.

    But I must pass on a request from the man of the house. He wants all the banners taken down, restitched in gold. You know how Donan is. Wants to give his boy a proper coming of age, a ceremony fit for kings.
  • Drafted Letter: I know you’ve worked to the bone. But the day isn’t far off. Think of the feast we’ll have when the hunt is done!
    - Marlowe. Steward, Eldhaime Keep
  • (Male) Drafted Letter
Blood-spattered Prayer Book
  • Blood-spattered Prayer Book: What sweet music calls me. A hymn so soft, so sorrowful. On the waves, amongst the crags.
  • (Male) A blood-spattered prayer book
  • Blood-spattered Prayer Book: It is nothing of nature, that is certain. Seven of us go on the morrow to kill the thing that sings it. But it breaks my heart to know that tune will never linger on the coast again.
  • Blood-spattered Prayer Book: Spirits, guide my hand. Keep my blade away from the creature, let a different sword slay it.
Tattered Missive
  • (Male) A tattered missive
  • Tattered Missive: In memory of Bishop Felweigh and her Knights. Someone must remember us.
  • Tattered Missive: We were ousted from Braestaig. We took hostages and retreated to a cave in the hills. But it’s all gone wrong.
  • Tattered Missive: Tell our story. Let it be known we died in sacrifice to the Light.
  • (Male) Bishop FEL-way
  • (Male) Brey-stig
  • Tattered Missive: The prisoners spoke their heathen tongue and invoked the savage spirits of the wood. All was chaos. We were swarmed. Everyone, the glenfolk too. They died first, tied down. The Knights soon after. I’m ashamed to say I hid.
Dusty Slip of Parchment
  • Dusty Slip of Parchment: Work Order – Deliver to Mason

    Head of the house wants a hole in the cellar bricked up. Passage runs higher and wider than other hallways in the keep. Eh, must’ve been around much longer.
  • Dusty Slip of Parchment: Limestone. Quarter shipment. Two hands should cover it. One good day’s work.
  • Dusty Slip of Parchment: I, uh, should mention, you’re the second crew we’ve asked. First backed out after they saw the hole. I won’t deny, the damn thing raises the hackles. But Donan’s offering twice your rate to keep this quick and quiet.

    What say you?
Soot-stained Letter
  • Soot-stained Letter: We managed to capture one of the abominations. The ugly brute laid waste to half the garrison before we got it in the cage. The next time the Cathedral visits, we’ll have something to welcome them.
  • Soot-stained Letter: I locked it in the main chamber, and when they arrive, we’ll see how their holiness protects them from the darkest parts of Sanctuary.

    - Garan
A list of the family line of the house of Garan.
Vardok’s Note
  • (Male) Vardok’s note
  • Vardok’s Note: Rutkah,
    We raid for flesh at the new moon. Go to the cells and gather. If the new ones are weak, feed them to the maggots.
  • Vardok’s Note: We need more meat.
Kemir's Stockpile
  • (Male) Bandit's Journal
  • Bandit's Journal: Should’ve cut and run when I had the chance. Like the others did. The smart ones. Everything they said about Kemir is true. Mad as a viper.
  • (Male) Desperate. Anxious. A touch angry with himself.
  • Bandit's Journal: Why did I follow her into this damn mine? She wants to die here. Said it herself. A glorious last stand. And still I went along with it like a whipped dog.
  • Bandit's Journal: Should’ve cut and run when I had the chance.
Shredded Orders
  • (Male) Shredded Orders
  • Shredded Orders: To Captain Batai of the Onyx Watch,
  • (Male) Stern. Official. Grim.
  • Shredded Orders: Guulrahn is under attack by the Tyrant Brol. Your Lord Overseer commands that you muster the Onyx Watch and ride at once to defend our capital.
  • (Male) Stern. Official. Grim.
  • Shredded Orders: I need not remind you of our Lord's opinion of cowards. Those who fail to join in our victory shall be judged in due course.
  • (Male) Stern. Official. Grim.
  • Shredded Orders: - High Captain Tsartu, Guulrahni Royal Guard
  • (Male) Stern. Official. Grim.
  • (Male) Letter
  • Letter: Dearest daughter,
    My ancestor’s call rang clear. If I give my life to free him from his salt prison, he can protect our people. Protect you. In the end, it is no choice at all.
  • Letter: Weep not for my death, as it is something I give freely and joyfully. I watched my grandchildren grow. I end my life with a smile, knowing they will be free from the horrors we survived.
    -Your loving father, Davan
Ammuit Acolyte's Journal
  • (Male) Ammuit Acolyte's Journal
  • Ammuit Acolyte's Journal: We have been buried alive for weeks. Whatever collapsed the entry tunnel continues to circle us, shaking the walls as it passes again and again.
  • (Male) Weak. Weary. Afraid.
  • Ammuit Acolyte's Journal: The other students say it is a demon wyrm, sent by the Vizjerei to destroy us, but no one truly knows.
  • (Male) Weak. Weary. Afraid.
  • Ammuit Acolyte's Journal: Our instructors keep the creature at bay, but their powers fade every day...while Headmaster Tetharat remains locked in the restricted archive.
  • (Male) Weak. Weary. Afraid.
  • Ammuit Acolyte's Journal: He swore that he would "buy us more time."
  • (Male) Weak. Weary. Afraid.
Crumpled Paper
  • (Male) A prayer scribbled hastily on crumpled paper
  • Crumpled Paper: Ancestors, hear my prayer.

    These walls protect all who came before me. These walls will protect all who come after me. Lend me the strength of my fathers. Lend me the wisdom of my mothers. Lend me the bravery of my siblings.
  • Crumpled Paper: Ancestors, lend me the power to resist evil in all its forms, and to shepherd my family to another day.

    Wind favor us all. Wind favor us all.
Acrid Caverns
  • (Male) The foreman’s letter
  • Foreman’s Letter: Mayor, the blasting is getting us more gold, for certain. Every time we think it’s done, “boom,” we blast and find a new vein.
  • Foreman’s Letter: But we keep hitting those pockets of poison, and the deeper we go, the worse they get. We lost two more men just this week. After this next clearing, we need to shut this down.
    -Foreman Aldir
Orbei Scholar's Notes
  • (Male) Orbei Scholar's Notes
  • Orbei Scholar's Notes: In all my years exploring the Steppes, I have never encountered this ruin. It seems to have simply "emerged" out of the basin. I cannot guess why yet.
  • (Male) Puzzled. Intrigued.
  • Orbei Scholar's Notes: The Ancients carved deep into the salt of this area, we assume, for its protective qualities.
  • (Male) Reasoning. Forming a theory.
  • Orbei Scholar's Notes: A structure like this could have held powerful evil at bay, or perhaps kept it locked inside.
  • (Male) Reasoning. Forming a theory.
  • (Male) Blood-stained Page
  • Elias: Should your neighbor raise their hand against you, strike it from their wrist. For as the strong shall endure the chaos to come, the weak shall be devoured.
  • (Male) Biblical. Firm. Speaking truth.
War Chief’s Journal
  • (Male) War-chief’s journal
  • War Chief’s Journal: It disgusts me to know they eat our dead. We eat Black Locust root before battle now. If we survive, the healers give us leaf to try and halt the poison.
  • War Chief’s Journal: But if Brol’s abominations take us, well, the meal they make of us will be their last.
Triune Decree
  • (Male) Triune Decree
  • Triune Decree: You are hereby chosen by Magnus Elias. Ancient knowledge lies within the lands around Mt. Civo, hidden away by the Triune of old. Seek out these caches of power and unearth their secrets.
  • (Male) Commanding. Authoratative.
  • Triune Decree: Those who return to the Magnus with tribute in hand will earn more than his favor—they will earn the favor of our Mother.
Mystic’s Journal
  • (Male) Mystic’s Journal
  • Mystic’s Journal: This foreigner dares bring his army to this sacred place! Long have we endured their ignorance and false faith, meddling with powers beyond their understanding.
  • Mystic’s Journal: Now they will bear the weight of that folly for eternity.
Survivor’s Journal
  • (Male) Survivor’s journal
  • Survivor’s Journal: Kalib took the last of the warriors out to face the flesh-eaters. The rest of us will try to shore up our defenses here. I am loath to spill cursed blood here amidst the bones of our ancestors.
  • Survivor’s Journal: But I shall...
Blood-written Sermon
  • (Male) Blood-written Sermon
  • Blood-written Sermon: Agony is the divine catalyst! Thy bones shall crack as they lengthen and twist. Thy flesh, rent asunder to be molded anew. Fur, fang, hoof, and horn!
  • (Male) Preaching. Exultant. Human, not a "creature voice." Accent is slight (can lean Greek, if possible.)
  • Blood-written Sermon: Drink thee now of the blood and bile. As Humanity bleeds away, let Hell take its place!
  • (Male) Preaching. Exultant. (Human, not a "creature voice")
  • Blood-written Sermon: Al'Diabolos! Dul'Mephistos! Tor'Baalos!
  • (Male) Preaching. Exultant. Chanting the holy names of the Prime Evils.
Bandit's Notes
  • (Male) Bandit's Notes
  • Bandit's Notes: Gold. Jewels. Relics. If it shines, bag it up. Burial fields haunted by old magic, so keep watch for the dead and follow Jaym's orders.
  • (Male) Focused. Practical. Taking notes.
  • Bandit's Notes: If Jaym is killed, Junpo and Kala are in charge.
  • (Male) Focused. Practical. Taking notes.
Triune Missive
  • (Male) Triune Missive
  • Triune Missive: So comes your rite of passage, loyal supplicant.
  • (Male) Authoritative, but celebratory. A leader of the cultists sending one of her underlings on a glorious (but dangerous) rite of passage.
  • Triune Missive: Journey to the hallowed place in the heart of fire. With unwavering hands, return the three relics to their rightful place. Then will come the glorious arbiter to judge your soul.
  • Triune Missive: The worthy will have their eyes pried open to glimpse realms unseen. The unworthy will have their eyes burned out to live in darkness.
Patriarch's Den
  • (Male) Patriarch’s Journal
  • Patriarch’s Journal: I communed with the benefactor again, and he showed me a gilded city all my own, folded in emerald fire. A kingly crown studded with unknowable wisdom. Unblinking eyes that gaze everywhere at once. This is who I will become.
  • (Male) Arrogant/haughty. A mage full of himself who wants to become immortal.
  • Patriarch’s Journal: “Of flesh you will escape, and so the price of flesh you must pay. Be it yours or another’s,” he said. What a small bargain for such a grand destiny.
Shipwrecked Mariner’s Log
  • (Male) Shipwrecked mariner’s log
  • Shipwrecked Mariner’s Log: Good that we wrecked here, I suppose. Managed to make it to these caves without the dead on the shore paying too much notice. From the looks of it, we aren’t the first ones to wash up here.
  • Shipwrecked Mariner’s Log: Some of the others want to head further in, see if maybe there’s something to be found. I don’t like it. We need to get to Ked Bardu and let them know we’ve lost the idol.
Timeworn Letter
  • (Male) Timeworn Letter
  • Timeworn Letter: Minu,
    I have heard what is transpiring in the labyrinth. Three summoners driven mad by this Grinning One, as it is called. My daughter, why do you persist in trying to break the demon? You have nothing to prove. You are more the Vizjerei than I was at your age. There is wisdom in knowing when to move on.
  • (Male) A worried parent--pleading at first, stern toward the end.
  • Timeworn Letter: Seal the demon and its minions away. Return to the clan. Please.

    I am asking as your father. Do not make me command it as the grand summoner.
Vizjerei Journal Page
  • (Male) Vizjerei Journal Page
  • Vizjerei Journal Page: Day Three:
    Our research suggests that a powerful entity is bound to the artifact. Whether by choice or against its will is yet to be seen. The other mages report hearing its whispers in the halls—attempts to poison our hearts with fear and suspicion.
  • (Male) Clinical. Scientific. Devoid of emotion.
  • Vizjerei Journal Page: As a precaution, we have placed wards around our sleeping chambers, and we have agreed to only examine the artifact in groups. No one is to act alone.
  • Vizjerei Journal Page: Research continues tomorrow. It should not take long to bend the entity to our will.
Ornate Triune Letter
  • (Male) Ornate Triune Letter
  • Ornate Triune Letter: A new age is upon us, brothers and sisters. Gone are the days of our blind supplication to the Three.
  • (Male) Reverant. Zealous. A new age dawing for these extreme cultists.
  • Ornate Triune Letter: The Horned Mother has returned, and it is in her shadow that we now walk. From her hand we will sup true power. We will be reborn, not as the servants of uncaring masters, but as favored children.
  • Ornate Triune Letter: Go forth and spread the word. Offer blood in the Mother’s honor. Embrace the birthright that is ours.
Bloodstained Parchment
  • (Male) Bloodstained Parchment
  • Bloodstained Parchment: … blood is the ideal medium for inscribing the runes. The circle will remain dormant until activated, at which point all the energy stored in the blood ink will be channeled into the spell.
  • Bloodstained Parchment: It is a crude means of transport, especially compared to stone waypoints which can be used time and time again. But for destinations across planes, no better solution has been configured. See the index for related magical studies...
Monk’s Journal
  • (Male) Monk’s Journal
  • Monk’s Journal: Further research confirms my suspicions: Orbei was built atop a pre-existing structure. Based on existing records, this hidden corner of the monastery is somehow connected to the Zakarum Inquisition.
  • (Male) Curious. Forthright. A good-hearted monk dedicated to uncovering a mystery.
  • Monk’s Journal: Decades ago, they came to this region and forced the locals into submission. Those who did not embrace the faith were likely tortured and buried. If so, the structure beneath us might be the remnants of the local’s settlement. Or their tomb.
  • Monk’s Journal: I will know soon enough. I have found a way inside. To embody the Zakarum’s true tenets, we cannot hide from this dark chapter in our history.
Torn Parchment
  • (Male) Torn Parchment
  • Torn Parchment: We hid among the corpses. The rotten ones that even the Tyrant and his monsters deemed unworthy of eating. The herbs Khulun gave us helped. Dulled my mind. Put my stomach at ease.
  • (Male) Worried, anxious, and exhausted. A sliver of hope at the end.
  • Torn Parchment: Mercifully, I can’t remember much. Only a thumping noise as the cannibals pulled the cart through the streets. Then the trickle of water when they dumped us into the old canals.
  • Torn Parchment: It reeks of death down here. But it seems safe. A paradise compared to the streets. Tomorrow we will explore deeper into the canals. See if there might be a way out.
Oyuun's Letter
  • (Male) Letter
  • Oyuun's Letter: Dearest,
    Death comes for this hellhole we call home. There was a pale stranger, Elias, he called himself, skulking about the kitchen halls today.
  • Oyuun's Letter: When he saw me, he approached to ask about the prison warden. I directed him to the palace guard. Only hours later, and the servants are whispering about some disaster at the dungeons. It can only be him.
  • Oyuun's Letter: I have an awful feeling. Will you meet me tonight at the teahouse? I could use a warm cup. And your company.
    -Yours always, Oyuun
Graverobber's Journal
  • (Male) Graverobber's Journal
  • Graverobber's Journal: It took a few bottles, but the good Sir Trystan is with us. He says to leave the smaller crypts. Just common soldiers in those. Take iron tools and go for the big tombs, that's where the gold will be.
  • (Male) To self, anxious, hopeful.
  • Graverobber's Journal: Akarat forgive and watch over us. Give us full bellies tonight.
Handwritten Note
  • Scrawled Note: Here's what you're after. I even drew you a picture so if you come back with the wrong thing, you're losing another finger.
  • (Male) Handwritten Note
Excavation Log
  • (Male) Excavation Log
  • Excavation Log: Catalogue of artifacts unearthed at the dig site in Kehjistan:
    - 3 statues of Tor’Baalos in different poses
    - 7 tablets, etched over with old summoning incantations
  • Excavation Log: - 1 bas relief on a crumbling, collapsed wall
    - 3 altars bearing decayed cloths
    - 8 ceremonial daggers in the traditional style
  • Excavation Log: Ahhh, Tor'Baalos...or some say Baal. How magnificent to find that worship of you has stretched back so many centuries! The discovery of these artifacts is monumental. We will keep them safe at our own temple while we continue our research.
Hidden Letter
  • Traveler's Note: Is it me, or do the people here all have a strange look in their eyes? I know we were going to stay a few more days, but something feels off and I don’t like the way they’re looking at me.
  • Traveler's Note: Meet you on the north road out of town up to Menestad.
Lost Journal
  • (Male) Hunter's Journal
  • Hunter's Journal: Tracked and observed the madmen at Yngovani. While it does appear the cultists have learned to live among the snakemen, they don’t seem to cooperate in any way other than a mutually parasitic relationship.
  • Hunter's Journal: If the cultists are directing the snakemen somehow, I still can’t see it. Perhaps they're nurturing them in some way? (sigh) I’m going inside the lair to have a closer look.
    -Elodin of Backwater
Formal Request
  • (Male) Formal Request
  • Formal Request: Captain Batai. It has been four days since Guulrahn called the Onyx Watch to their aid, yet still, we hold our posts. We, the undersigned officers, request your leave to march on the capital at once.
  • (Male) Concerned. Respectful. Firm.
  • Formal Request: Let no one say that the Onyx Watch lacked the courage to fight for the Steppes.
  • (Male) Concerned. Respectful. Firm.
Festering Scripture
  • Cannibal Acolyte: The locals come to trespass in the temple of our god.
  • (Male) raspy, lower pitched and somber
  • Cannibal Acolyte: They scream and resist and fight us.
  • (Male) raspy, lower pitched and somber
  • Cannibal Acolyte: But our god has been in this temple longer than their families have had names.
  • (Male) raspy, lower pitched and somber
  • Cannibal Acolyte: And those who come will be sacrificed. That is our way.
  • (Male) raspy, lower pitched and somber
Ravaged Journal
  • Nameless Victim: For days, the scent has lingered. At first, it troubled me.
  • (Male) raspy, lower pitched and somber
  • Nameless Victim: Rotting flesh, the smell and the sound of corpse-flies ever present.
  • (Male) raspy, lower pitched and somber
  • Nameless Victim: But there is a sweetness to it, and alongside the buzzing of flies I hear the croon of an older thing.
  • (Male) raspy, lower pitched and somber
  • Nameless Victim: A god that demands flesh. That rewards its consumption.
  • (Male) raspy, lower pitched and somber
Anonymous Letter
  • (Male) Anonymous Letter
  • Anonymous Letter: Honorable Crusaders of Zakarum - Our neighbor Eriman is the witch you seek. With this act of good faith, we beg for your mercy. Let this be an end to the burnings.
  • (Male) Heavy-hearted. Ashamed. Submitting to the enemy.
Vani's Journal
  • Vani: Our work in the old ruins is done. We have reached into Hell itself and grasped power, just as Mother showed us.
  • (Male) A bit fanatical
  • Vani: We will offer tribute in thanks. Tonight and ever after, we will honor her.
  • (Male) A bit fanatical
Specimen Notes
  • Mountain Hermit: Short fangs. Young. Freshly turned. An easy kill.
  • (Male) Clinical. Notes during an autopsy.
  • Mountain Hermit: Further south than the others. They are spreading.
  • (Male) Clininal, but concerned for last sentence.
Bloody Condemnation
  • Bishop Nilcar: May you forever be shunned by the Light.
  • Bishop Nilcar: Like rabid mongrels, you will turn on your masters and all around you.
  • Bishop Nilcar: May your righteous hunger consume you for all eternity.
  • Bishop Nilcar: May the darkness in your heart spread like blood from an open wound amongst your kin until you are surrounded by that which you find most vile.
Frozen Journal
  • Lagmir: We always knew something was under the ice, but we thought we could fend off whatever was in the tunnels. Yesterday I found my daughter, Calla, crying. She told me she saw monsters in the caves and begged for us to leave. I told her nothing would drive us from our home.
  • (Male) sad, cold
  • Lagmir: I left afterwards to hunt. When I returned, I had to push through raging winds and heavy snow to reach the village. I found the guards first; they were encased in ice. The monsters my daughter warned me about had overrun the town.
  • (Male) sad
  • Lagmir: I snuck past them to find Calla, but it's too late. My daughter is frozen like the others. There isn't a soul left alive here. Why didn't I listen to her?
Vigo's Report
  • Knight Vigo: Reverend Mother, I received a report of a potential demon sighting. Horned woman near Yelesna mines.
  • Knight Vigo: Performed routine inspection. Nothing yet.
  • Knight Vigo: Sent in priest and escort of Knights. Will report in when we find something.
Knight Vigo's Log
  • Vigo: 7th: Lost a month’s wages tonight. Unbelievable.
  • Vigo: 10th: A woman came to the mines. Gave me a wealth charm. Crazy, but it worked.
  • Vigo: 11th: Daughter showed up. Relentless. Something about a demon. Already reported it, but she won't give it up.
  • Vigo: Going to keep watch at the mine. Light knows she’ll break in if I don’t.
Bloody Parchment
  • Lord Avitus: I killed for my faith, burned and tortured. When I died in that forsaken place, it was without the grace of the Light.
  • (Male) His seething rage rests just below the surface, only breaking into full anger at the final line.
  • Lord Avitus: Their path to salvation led me only into darkness. Now it is blood that gives me purpose. I will drink the life of this world...forever.
Strange Journal
  • (Male) From the Studies of Tal Rasha
  • Tal Rasha: ...The Prime Evils may be subdued, but they can never be ended. Even from their home in the Hells, they can still influence our world, walk it unseen. When weakened, they’ve been known to take the forms of strange animals: a one-eyed owl, a wingless bat, or a wounded wolf...
Villager Journal
  • (Male) Dropped Journal
  • Guulrahni Villager: I hear the cannibals at night. Howling in the streets. Killing. Feasting.
  • (Male) breathless, frantic
  • Guulrahni Villager: Heard whispers they take some people to the prisons. Must be a lie.
  • (Male) breathless, frantic
  • Guulrahni Villager: Why would these monsters keep anyone alive?
  • (Male) breathless, frantic
A Record of My Journey Pt. I
  • Curate Symon: A man has come to our small town. Many people pass through, but there is something different about this one. Something... enigmatic.
  • Curate Symon: Father Dymus has warned me against him, but the swordsman has invited me to journey with him. 'There are places filled with knowledge,' he says. I mean to find them.
  • (Male) Pronounciation: Dye-muss
  • Curate Symon: We will make camp at the Decaying Farmstead, east of here.
A Record of My Journey Pt. II
  • Curate Symon: My companion seems harsh to many, but beneath his bluster and his sword lies a scholar, as hungry for knowledge as I am.
  • Curate Symon: He knows things I never thought to seek out, and he is generous. Some scholars jealously guard all things they know. Not him.
  • Curate Symon: I have asked that we pass by the statue of revered Tibault, and though I can see he chafes at such a thing, he has granted my request.
  • (Male) Pronounciation: Tih-bolt
A Record of My Journey Pt. III
  • Curate Symon: I woke this morning to find that Sev has fled our company. She was harrowed by the dreams that haunt us all. I suppose it got to be too much for her.
  • Curate Symon: I dislike our remaining companions. The feeling, I fear, is mutual.
  • Curate Symon: Elias insists we need them. The knowledge we seek is well guarded and we cannot fight our way through alone. In the name of knowledge, I must accept them.
Cultist Writings
  • Serpent Cultist: Every few years we play host to migrants determined to join our settlement. And every few years I must preach the laws of the swamp.
  • Serpent Cultist: All things in the swamp must be earned. Nothing is free. Nothing is given or gifted. And to our god we pay the ultimate tithe.
Cultist Writings
  • Serpent Cultist: It is by the will of our god that our village has long remained safe.
  • Serpent Cultist: We do not see her, though her children multiply in the swamp, circling us, feeding off us when it suits them.
Elias' Notes, Part 1
  • Elias: I have come to Rathma's temple again, hoping to solve what Lorath refuses to face.
  • Elias: Instead, the temple is empty and Rathma, I hear, is dead. A victim of his father's harebrained ambitions, no doubt.
Elias' Notes, Part 2
  • Elias: In these halls, he has left all the history of Sanctuary, from its strange beginnings and through all its turmoil. All the destruction wrought, and lives lost, it all lives here.
  • Elias: The ill-fated meeting of Lilith and Inarius, the birth of their children, and the coming of Heaven and Hell.
Elias' Notes, Part 3
  • Elias: I forget that Rathma and Sanctuary both have two parents: Inarius and Lilith.
  • Elias: But humanity repulsed him and when Lilith took our side, he cast her into the void.
  • Elias: But she can...be summoned back...
  • (Male) hesitant
Elias' Notes, Part 4
  • Elias: Rathma did not know how Lilith may be freed from her prison. That knowledge is held by the Tree of Whispers.
  • Elias: It demands a price: my head at my death. But who knows when that death will come. In all likelihood, too soon. But I will not be shackled. I will not be stopped.
Timue's Journal
  • Timue's Journal: Taissa came today and I asked why she was away for so long. Years...we argued years ago and she didn't come back.
  • Timue's Journal: She said she was here two weeks ago. I don't remember.
  • Timue's Journal: I remember the swamp men. They danced with me. Taissa says they didn't. She says--I must write it all down.
  • Timue's Journal: I must remember. Even if there are wrong things. False things. There is Taissa. I must remember.
Villager's Journal
  • Villager's Journal: These bandits will not leave well enough alone.
  • (Male) Subdued but troubled--she knows that an ill fate will befall the bandits who stole from her village.
  • Villager's Journal: We have lived peacefully in these swamps for as long as anyone can remember.
  • Villager's Journal: But now violence comes into its heart and it means to rob our god.
  • Villager's Journal: They don't believe us when we say the swamp always--ALWAYS--extracts a price.
Crumbling Leaflet
  • Crumbling Leaflet: People of Kehjistan! Faithful Children of Akarat! For too long, the Vile Priestess Hadar and her devils have burned our crops! Razed our homes! Crucified our loved ones!
  • (Male) Righteous anger. Telling the people to rise up.
  • Crumbling Leaflet: They serve not Akarat, but the Lord of Hatred himself! NO MORE! On the first dawn of the New Moon, join us at the Stronghold gates! We will banish this evil together, and live in the Light once again!
  • (Male) Righteous anger. Telling the people to rise up.
Eriman's Plea
  • (Male) Eriman's Plea
  • Eriman's Plea: My neighbors, I beg you, the burnings must stop. The Zakarum are not ridding the land of heretics, they are destroying the people who have loved and protected you for generations.
  • (Male) Sincere. Worried. Warning.
  • Eriman's Plea: It is we, the witches of the swamp, who hold the darkness at bay. Burning us will bring no Light to Hawezar.
  • (Male) Sincere. Worried. Warning.
The Birth of Hell
  • Abbot of Orbei: Lo, the Great Beast Tathamet was struck down and its blackened husk sank below the abyss. There, it smoldered and festered, and from the ruin of its Seven Heads were born Seven Great Evils. Three Primes and Four Lessers. Enemies of all creation.
  • (Male) The Birth of Hell
  • (Male) Biblical. Forboding.
The Orbei Monastery, Part 1
  • (Male) The Orbei Monastery, Part 1
  • Abbot of Orbei: Commissioned during the Time of Troubles, the Orbei Archive once served to codify heresies for the Inquisition. Since then, the Archive has expanded to the study of all evils, restricted to only the most devout Scholars of Zakarum.
  • (Male) Proud. Official.
The Orbei Monastery, Part 2
  • (Male) The Orbei Monastery, Part 1
  • Abbot of Orbei: Critics rightly fear the dangers of our scholarship, but ignorance of evil offers little protection from it. Our insights have proven invaluable to Paladins, Horadrim, and Angels alike in the fight against the darkness.
  • (Male) Proud. Official.
Handwritten personal journal
  • Monk: More trouble today. The Abbot caught me trying to get into the inner cloister. I just wanted to clean! He started yelling at me! Asked what I was doing with the forbidden texts and if I had any idea the knowledge I was messing with.
  • Monk: I don't think the books are even that interesting! It's a bunch of nonsense about summoning and greater evils. Now a book about the Snake Gods of Hawezar, THAT would be interesting.
Qara Yisu Watchman's Log
  • (Male) Watchman's Log
  • Watchman's Log: The cannibals took twelve more of us this week, but Elder Davan has finally gone to the mines. He will free the Ancient Spirit and we will claim its power. No one will threaten Qara Yisu again.
  • (Male) Frustrated, then relieved and hopeful.
Cathedral Bounty
  • (Male) Reward Poster
  • Reward Poster: Attention, Noble Hunters of Scosglen!

    By our Father’s divine authority, the Cathedral of Light offers GOLD in exchange for pelts of Bear, Wolf, Quillrat, and Warg. These dangerous predators must be quelled for the safety of your families and the prosperity of Scosglen.
  • (Male) Stoic. Clear. Authoritative.
  • Reward Poster: To submit your claims, report to the Quartermaster of Cerrigar.
  • (Male) Stoic. Clear. Authoritative.
Scorched Page
  • (Male) Scorched Page
  • Scorched Page: The roots of the Great Oak parted, and Vasily emerged from his rest. Barefoot, he stood before his druids, his voice clear as a winter wind...
  • (Male) Reverent. Proud. Reading a sacred text to students.
  • Scorched Page: “From angel and devil were you born, as was the whole of nature. You alone may grow strong. But join yourself to nature, and neither angel nor devil may rule you.”
Lore Template
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  • Template Character: This is a second line of Lore. Keep these conversations within 1-2 lines.
Last Chronicle of Paladin Lord Carthas
  • (Male) Paladin Lord Lore
  • A tattered note: The last fortnight passed with alarming swiftness. The tomb resists every effort to sanctify it. So we stay.
  • (Male) This should try to match the voice of the Diablo II Paladin as close as possible.
  • A tattered note: A hateful frenzy has taken the garrison. Last night, I heard a ghastly commotion, the shouting of a furious mob. Today, I woke to find the Watch Commander hanged. But why, I cannot unravel. Nobody remembers committing the deed.
  • A tattered note: I thought Mephisto slain. But whatever of him remains in Sankekur’s body has trapped us. I lose hope of ever leaving.
Paladin Squire's Journal, Part One
  • (Male) Chronicles of Paladin Lord Carthas
  • Squire of Paladin Lord Carthas: Our souls have fled ever forward, seeking sanctuary from evil. It pursues us, relentless in its hunt.
  • Squire of Paladin Lord Carthas: And so we have come to rest here, damned, bereft of life and hope, and we have built a sanctuary where there was none.
Paladin Squire's Journal, Part Two
  • (Male) Chronicles of Paladin Lord Carthas
  • Squire of Paladin Lord Carthas: Safety and sanctuary we did seek here in this most cursed of places. But evil endures, so the sages say unto us. So have we seen and heard.
  • Squire of Paladin Lord Carthas: Here we seek shelter, oh Light, and here we find none, and yet still we turn to thee.
  • Squire of Paladin Lord Carthas: Please... please...
Excerpt from the Chronicles of the New Horadrim
  • Lorath: The rebirth of the Horadric Order is up to the few of us who remain.
  • Lorath: Forgive my familiarity as I write. Harsh words better tell the tale of hard times.
  • Lorath: Maybe the end of those times nears. Our leader, the archangel Tyrael, led us to this vault before setting off on a task of his own. He’s entrusted me to lead in his place.
  • (Male) A little more optimistic then Lorath usually is--this is written decades ago.
Excerpt from the Chronicles of the New Horadrim
  • Lorath: He challenges my perspective in a way few have. We’ve made solid discoveries in the short time we’ve spent together; I suspect many more to come.
  • Lorath: The mage Donan has proved to be a wonderful addition to our Order. The man has knowledge in spades. Any topic, even the most mundane, becomes profound in his care.
  • (Male) A little more optimistic then Lorath usually is--this is written decades ago.
Excerpt from the Chronicles of the New Horadrim
  • Lorath: Between the three of us, it almost feels like the Order of old. I have high hopes for this one.
  • Lorath: The youngest member of the Order is Elias. He’s a mage of great talent and potential, and hopefully the first of many to join us. I’m still learning the ins and outs of teaching. But he has the intuition and drive to excel, regardless.
  • (Male) A little more optimistic then Lorath usually is--this is written decades ago.
Gospel of the Mother
  • Elias: In the mountains, the Mother and I saw a village. The people, cold and hungry, prayed to a Light that would give them no warmth.
  • Elias: But in her presence, a new fire was stoked in their hearts. They would never go hungry or feel cold again.
Gospel of the Mother
  • Elias: She took me to an ancient battlefield, where thousands of our kind died at the hands of angel and demon. “Never again will we suffer so,” she proclaimed.
  • Elias: And in her eyes I saw a new world, a paradise where we will live free from the tyranny of the Heavens and Hell. Ours, if we have the strength to make it so.
Gospel of the Mother
  • Elias: The Mother sat with me at the fire and opened my mind to secret knowledge. Taught me the true names of all demons, through which they can be controlled.
  • Elias: Once, we were the lambs and demons were the wolves, but no more. We, the weak, will be made strong. We, the chosen, will become the wolves.
Hastily Written Note
  • Bakira: Leyrana. Got the coin, but it messed up my head. I saw worms digging in people's hearts. Their secrets, their scars. So easy to slice where the coin showed me... Had to stop it. I'm sorry.
Manifestations of the Prime Evils
  • (Male) Manifestations of the Prime Evils
  • Lorath: The Prime Evils may be subdued, but they can never be ended. Even from their home in the Hells, they can still influence our world, walk it unseen.
  • Lorath: When weakened, they’ve been known to take the forms of strange animals: a one-eyed owl, a wingless bat, or a wounded wolf.
Prava's Decree
  • Reverend Mother Prava: The Horadrim have used their dark magics to bear a great evil into our world.
  • Reverend Mother Prava: Commit their wicked souls to the Father and retrieve the soulstone.
  • (Male) Severe, authoritative
  • (Male) Severe, authoritative
Sister Octavia's Letter
  • Sister Octavia: Dear friend, I do not know how much longer my shaking hand will hold a quill, so I shall be brief. I believe the demon we thought we slew in the sewers was able to escape death by using me as its next host.
  • (Male) Serious tone.
  • Sister Octavia: Please, come to me in Kvera's cellar if you can. You're the only one I can trust to help. My life is in your hands.
  • (Male) Pronounciation: Kveh-Rah
To the Sinner
  • Prava: Hark, creature of darkness, for you have wandered beyond the reach of the Light. Lift your sins. Breathe deep the cold air. The path to redemption lies before you, if you have the faith to walk it.
To the Sufferer
  • Prava: Feel the sting of your wounds. Let the ice into your bones. Welcome your pain, for the agony of the flesh is the first cleansing of the soul. Make your faith stronger than any hurt.
To the Searcher
  • Prava: Look around at the mountains towering over you. Feel how small you are. Embrace humility. Accept your place in worship to the Father, for he has shown us the way.
To the Penitent
  • Prava: The end nears, pilgrim. Look into yourself. Find your faith. Feel how it fills the void within you. Remember you are nothing without faith. Hold fast to the Light, and remember.
Archivist's Journal: Volume I
  • Archivist: Our new recruits are proving themselves strong. I have grown fond of one, Knight Soliana Coste. Her devotion to the faith could cast even the darkest shadow of doubt from anyone’s mind.
  • Archivist: It’s easy to talk to her about those I left for the calling of the Light. She had to leave her family too, a son…
Archivist's Journal: Volume II
  • Archivist: We received the order. Our company has been called away on a mission for the Light. I know that, like the others who have been called to serve, we will not return.
  • Archivist: We have already given everything to the Church. Must we give up our lives as well...?
Archivist's Journal: Volume III
  • Archivist: I tried to convince Soliana to leave with me. I told her that her son would rather grow up with a mother, and we could start over, away from this frozen wasteland.
  • Archivist: She refused. Soliana said to run would be to abandon the Light, and a better world for her son. Perhaps, she’s right…
Inquisitor's Ledger, Chapter 1
  • Inquisitor's Ledger: They hide behind their kindness. Witches live among them! They only play at welcoming us, and all the while they work toward dark ends...
Inquisitor's Ledger, Chapter 2
  • Inquisitor's Ledger: You cannot throw a stone without hitting an accomplice of the Witches of Hawezar! None will renounce this hateful faith, even with the clarity of pain.
Inquisitor's Ledger, Chapter 3
  • Inquisitor's Ledger: Only fire can purge this grand corruption, cauterizing the wound... The whole town will be boiled in the pits if their vile witches will not show themselves!
Inquisitor's Ledger, Chapter 4
  • Inquisitor's Ledger: The screams have summoned the witch! This Eriman claims he wants to protect these people, but his sins damned them all. His pyre will be the first if we are to save this wicked place.
Aneta's Letter
  • Aneta: I'm sorry I wasn't able to say goodbye. The chorus of voices called to me, and I had to answer.
  • (Male) You are narrating a letter you penned to thank the player for their help. Sorrowful, but purposeful.
  • Aneta: I asked Gulyas to return my mother's body to Zarbinzet. She only protested a little.
  • (Male) You are narrating a letter you penned to thank the player for their help. Thinly veiled amusement and appreciation at the second sentence.
  • Aneta: I don't know how to thank you enough. You protected me, a girl you barely knew, from danger so many times.
  • (Male) You are narrating a letter you penned to thank the player for their help. Earnest, heartfelt.
  • Aneta: I promise not to waste this chance you've given me. I know it's not much, but I want you to take this as a keepsake. Truly, thank you.
  • (Male) You are narrating a letter you penned to thank the player for their help. Earnest, heartfelt.
Kaan's Note
  • Kaan's Note: I took down the windchimes we made, destroyed them. Kiraz isn't even Kiraz anymore, but that sound draws her back home. Just a husk to haunt me!
  • Kaan's Note: If I were a stronger man, I would go to my daughter. I would build a new life for the two of us.
  • Kaan's Note: But I... I can't live without Kiraz. I won't. At least we've already sent Yonca away... at least she’s safe.
  • (Male) Yonca (YON-ja)
Aldara's Journal
  • Aldara: Hiding amongst these heretics is a necessity, now that I've been chased off from Wejinhani by those nosy Elders. Once I'm back on my feet, I'll head to Zarbinzet and start things all over again.
  • Aldara: Unlike that weak-hearted brother of mine, I have no qualms with using it to gain some gold by stalling their symptoms. Even if they will carry the taint of it forever, what do I care? Everyone dies eventually.
Brecht's Journal
  • Brecht: I told Aldara I wouldn't go along with this scheme anymore. She used the amulet on me, her own brother! She's killed me...
Taissa's Journal
  • Taissa: She is here, with me. She has been. All this time.
  • Taissa: I must drink the tea and purge this darkness before I lose myself to it.
  • Taissa: I close my eyes, and I am there again. Needle in my skin. Sand stinging my face.
  • Taissa: And the whispers. At the edge of every thought. Louder each day.
  • (Male) Troubled
  • (Male) Troubled
  • (Male) Troubled. Referring to Andariel, who is in her head.
  • (Male) Troubled
Unsent Letter Addressed to the Zakarum Church
  • Carthas: I was there when Sankekur fell. I felt Mephisto’s magic clawing at my mind. Even today, when I remember that moment, I am unsure if the anger I feel comes from him or me.
  • Carthas: But that does not hinder my faith. Remember, brothers and sisters, the Light won that day. We rallied. We defeated a Prime Evil. And what’s more, we did it together.
  • Carthas: The darkness will never extinguish the Light. It is our duty to ensure that. The day we discovered the corruption within our faith was the day we began anew.
  • Carthas: It was the day I knew I was truly fighting for the Light.
Crumpled Note
  • Hader: Jazem,
    Knights have invaded the city and they found the Zakarum records. They think the church members are heretics.
  • (Male) Hader is frightened and concerned
  • Hader: We need to get out of here. I will be waiting by the bazaar. Be careful.
    Yours, Hader
Orders to Ser Matias
  • (Male) A grizzled, older Commander gives orders
  • Knight Penitent Commander Kyran: Ser Matias, stay alert. The Triune have been investigating the inactive plate by the Hell Gate. If they are interested, foul magic is afoot. We are trying to decipher the text. If you discover anything relevant to this, report back.
Letter from Benen
  • Benen: Fergus, I send this letter from a far shore you will never see. Little makes me happier knowing so.
  • (Male) Curt and cold
  • Benen: The bottle consumed you long ago. Took what little sense washed around that head of yours.
  • (Male) Curt, some anger
  • Benen: I couldn’t stand it no more. The whinging. The pissing about.
  • (Male) Blunt, angry
  • Benen: I leave Marowen, my home, to be free of you. Free of your misfortune.
  • (Male) Angry, cutting with words
  • Benen: I wash my hands of you.
  • (Male) Curt
Letter to Brenna
  • Deirdre: Ma... Faolan has been cursed. I’ve tried every charm and druid’s trick I can think of, but today, I had to chain him to the floor. He’ll soon become a beast, same as the others.
  • (Male) Heavy. Exhausted. Yet determined.
  • Deirdre: He’s so scared, Ma, I can’t let him face it alone... Whatever happens, I hope you’ll understand. - your Deirdre
  • (Male) Heavy. Exhausted. Yet determined.
Faolan's Confession
  • Faolan: Starving... no matter how many rabbits Deirdre brings. I look at her throat, I smell her blood, and--all I see is red... Stop, stop, STOP! I have to fight it! Spirits of old, ghosts of my kin, give me strength... Don't let me change.
  • (Male) As a human - Ragged. Scared. Fighting to keep control.
A letter from Airidah discussing the forgotten dead.
  • Airidah: To bury so many of my brothers and sisters...their faces I cannot unsee.
  • Airidah: Those I mentored, and those who mentored me in kind, are now forgotten.
  • Airidah: All that I can offer them is song and ceremony, but it never seems enough.
  • Airidah: Walking these halls, I feel the weight of their sacrifice.
A letter from Airidah discussing the fading presence of druids.
  • Airidah: What would the ancients think of me?
  • Airidah: My people are forgetting the old ways. Growing weaker.
  • Airidah: They look to the Cathedral for safety and protection. Even for faith.
  • Airidah: And yet here I remain in the shadows, watching it all slip away.
Letter from Bottle
  • Hercan: Padrig, I know this may never reach you, but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try.
  • (Male) Gentle, remorseful.
  • Hercan: The Drowned are closing in, and l fear I will never see you nor your mother again. Enclosed is an amulet passed down from my father.
  • (Male) Composed but remoreseful.
  • Hercan: Stay strong, and know that I am and always will be proud of you. No distance could ever change that.
  • (Male) Proud
  • Hercan: Take care of your mum. -Dad
  • (Male) Kind
Merchant Letter
  • (Male) Merchant's Letter
  • Merchant's Letter: Thank you so much for helping Genbar. Times are hard for his stone-carving, but he is too stubborn to move his family and too proud to take charity. Give him a deal and I will pay the difference.
  • (Male) Warm. Sad for Genbar. Thankful.
Last Entry
  • Prisoner: (grunt) I can’t eat any more, but they won’t stop feeding us. Fruit and honey. Bread and wine. I try to resist, but they force it down my throat. Everything hurts.
  • (Male) Fearful, pained
Elias' Sanctum Journal Entry
  • Elias: The prophecy is unfolding before my eyes. I was right to act on it. When the Prime Evils come, they will find no easy prey. We will be ready.
  • Elias: Our rebirth begins here, with Andariel chained to the heart of Guulrahn. She will feed on the suffering in this City of Anguish, and we in turn will feed on her. Andariel’s power will be ours to wield against the other Lords of Hell.
  • Elias: If more must die to see it come to pass, so be it. I will not fail you, Mother.
  • (Male) Calculating, thoughtful. Not grandiose.
  • (Male) Calculating, thoughtful. Not grandiose.
  • (Male) Calculating, thoughtful. Not grandiose.
Oyuun's Journals
  • Oyuun: Each day, the hunger grows like a fire inside me, demanding to be sated. I tried to hold out, but all they offer us is human flesh. In these moments, I hold onto the hope that at least Zolaya made it out. But I fear soon the hunger will win out, and I will have no choice but to give in.
  • (Male) Horrified. Struggling to retain her humanity while being held captive by cannibals.
Message from the Abbot
  • (Male) Message from the Abbot
  • Message from the Abbot: Lorath Nahr, how bizarre it is to hear from you. Your charming apprentice arrived just this morning with equally disturbing news, but he made no mention of you. Am I to assume you did not send him? Please join us at Orbei as soon as you are able.
  • (Male) Polite. Self-important. Perplexed.
Gospel of the Mother
  • Elias: The whole of human knowledge shall be shared among the children of Lilith, and no secret shall be kept from them. And the liars and learned thieves of the world shall perish in their regret.
  • (Male) Gospel of the Mother
  • (Male) Biblical. Righteous. Contempt for the liars and thieves.
Scholar's Journal
  • (Male) Scholar's Journal
  • Scholar's Journal: I was so excited when I walked into the Sacristy that day. Finally, my turn to enter the Archive and explore the knowledge of darkness. Now, I'd give anything to forget what I've learned.
  • (Male) Tired. Uneasy. Regretful.
Nekhii's Confession
  • Nekhii: The Triune promised a future beyond suffering. We knew only hunger after Mother and Father passed.
  • (Male) Somber, confessing
  • Nekhii: I joined the Triune to guarantee our future. Our happiness. Yet, I return to only ash and despair.
  • (Male) False hope into somber recognition
  • Nekhii: I go to them now, offering my body to the pools as our ancestors did. I hope to feel even a fraction of the suffering I caused before I am gone.
  • (Male) Remorseful
  • Nekhii: May your bracelets return here, too, so that I may hold you again in the plains beyond.
  • (Male) Somber, but hopeful
[PH] Abandoned Journal
Journal of Zoltun Kulle, Entry 5
  • (Male) [PH] Note 01
  • Zoltun Kulle: My dearest friend, you refused to listen to reason, so I decided for us both.
  • Zoltun Kulle: The Loom is dead. You will find the tunnels collapsed, the siphons broken, and the runes scoured. To rebuild it without me would take a lifetime.
  • Zoltun Kulle: I hope you realize your mistake. I hope you abandon this dream, as I have. I hope you join the Horadrim with me. And if none of that comes to pass, I hope you live well.
Journal of Zoltun Kulle, Entry 1
  • (Male) [PH] Note 02
  • Zoltun Kulle: Today, we begin the work, and when it is done, we will have changed the world. The Loom will be our masterpiece. I write this not out of arrogance, but surety of purpose.
  • (Male) Proud
  • Zoltun Kulle: Matter is proportionally mutable to the energy expended; a candle may turn a book to ash, but it will never turn a mountain to sea. With the Loom, such limitations are meaningless. All may become all.
  • Zoltun Kulle: Rather fitting that today, of all days, the Horadrim should send a courier to beg for aid. While they play at fighting the Viz-Jaq'taar’s war, I create wonders.
  • (Male) Scoffing
Journal of Zoltun Kulle, Entry 2
  • (Male) [PH] Note 03
  • Zoltun Kulle: Let it be known: the work is done, and the minds of Zoltun Kulle and Ayuzhan of Caldeum have birthed a miracle.
  • (Male) With quiet awe
  • Zoltun Kulle: Before my very eyes, the Loom wove inert, ambient energy into a focused stream of fire. It burned my palm, and I laughed with joy.
  • Zoltun Kulle: Ayuzhan embraced me. I could feel time slow. I could see the filaments of his iris in the firelight.
  • Zoltun Kulle: He is my peer. In a way no one has ever been.
Journal of Zoltun Kulle, Entry 3
  • (Male) [PH] Note 04
  • Zoltun Kulle: A demon slipped past our wards. I can see it as I write this: a red mist, wreathing the Loom. Suckling on it. It grows with each moment.
  • (Male) Overwhelmed by shock
  • Zoltun Kulle: A demon. A thing of ether and feeling. And not even that. It shimmers in the light; it can barely maintain its form.
  • (Male) Uncomprehending, frustration growing
  • Zoltun Kulle: And yet...we cannot remove it. No matter what we try, it only grows. Like a suppurated wound.
  • Zoltun Kulle: Ayuzhan refuses to accept it...but our dream is ending.
Journal of Zoltun Kulle, Entry 4
  • (Male) [PH] Note 05
  • Zoltun Kulle: The demon has metastasized. It spreads through the siphons, into the healds. The constructs turn on one-another. Within a month, the Loom will be unrecognizable.
  • (Male) Ashen, emptied
  • Zoltun Kulle: This... This is the fate of humankind. Where even the weakest demon roams, we stagnate.
  • (Male) Revelation dawning
  • Zoltun Kulle: The Horadrim were right. Pompous ostriches all. But they were right.
  • (Male) Bitter